Lowrance iFinder Map and Music GPS Receiver w/MP3 Player



I just bought this for $139.99 + 5 on Woot one week ago.

Not cool


Wasn’t this like $200 something earlier this month? I’d be pissed…not bad but if I want to get lost, I trust Mapquest first and foremost.


Man, i love gps stuff, should I get one of these? Is this an awesome unit?
And what are the best applications of its use?



“And unlike Seattle Seahawks placekicker Josh Brown, its GPS+WAAS receiver is accurate to within 7 meters.”

So this gps is also missing the SD card AND the crooked referee? Pass.


The very fact that Woot (a bunch o’ Texans) can refer to the song “53rd and 3rd” (one of the great Punk classics) just shows how really cool these guys and gals are. I am impressed.

Not impressed enough to buy the item…but impressed none-the-less


I just got mine in the mail from the last time it was offered, and i have to say that I am pleasently surprised. I have a Garmin ETrex Legend, and have been very happy with that. The screen on this lowrance is bigger and easier to read. I think the ergonomics of the Lowrance are better as well, but thinkthat the ease of use and intuitive interface on the Etrex are better. So, six of one, half dozen of the other.
Don’t get this if you want to have navigation in your expedition, buty get it if you are the type who gets off the couch or desk chair occasionally and likes to go hiking, atving, or biking.


Click on “the blog” in the Woot header for a list. Look for those listed under today.


Haha thats exactly how I was feeling last night. My roommate and I were so excited to find out what the next item was. Now after pulling an all nighter trying to type up an essay and monitor the woots I have come to look at the woot off almost as a drug habit. I really don’t need it and checking the woot every five minutes is really starting to destroy my liver. I won’t go away but I willl not mourn the minute this crazyness ends.


that link sucks now, it doesn’t work. it says refresh, so I refresh, then same message.



Go to the Blog…First item of the day (that I saw) was the mystery speaker system.


Hey whats the url for the percentages that woot has left to sell?


every now and then Woot does a “Woot Off” to clear their warehouse of random stuff left over. Still one item at a time, but a riot to watch. Check out the "I see some orange flashing lights on the main page what do they mean? " section of


froogle h as it for 137 from a rated merchant


I await the group wisdom on these questions, too. What has me wondering is the requirement of (not included) memory for “more detailed maps.” How detailed are the maps before the extra memory? 'Cause if they’re only as good as the one in the display, it kind of defeats the purpose…


nice peice anyone know where i canfind the program “wooters” i had it but its disapeared, pls help thanks i need to get somehtign on this wootoff…im looking fora motorycycle helmit…please…witha big WOOT logo?..


Bought this sucker for my husband a week ago and he loves it. Feels hefty in the hand, he can read the lighted display, the software you can order extra is da bomb. It really is cool and I can highly recommend it.


I wonder how long batteries last on this thing when listening to MP3s


The link has been working for me…you can also try http://black2d.com/wootrss.php …not as pretty but as backup it works :slight_smile:


So can you make new routes on the GPS item iteself, or do you need to create it with the mapcreate software, and then upload that creation?


have you ever been lost? Here is the deal you can buy this up and secretly pull it out of your pocket when you get lost and get back on track with out all of the real men don’t get lost garb because this woot is the reason why real men don’t get lost.