Lowrance iFinder Map and Music GPS Reciever w/MP3 Player



Lowrance iFinder Map & Music GPS Reciever w/MP3 Player
$139.99+ $5 shipping

1 Lowrance iFinder Map & Music GPSw/ built in MP3


INteresting woot but I am way too happy with my Garmin.


cool, i may have to buy

but will it be better than my Garmin 60CS?

Does it have external dataports?

will it mount on a motorcycle?

Lowrance, dont they make fish finders?


Do you really need an mp3 player with this?


Well I do need a new MP3 Player, now I just need to decide if I need a GPS reciever…

Decisions Decisions



Crappy woot


i before e, except in the word Receiver. oops?

would just use a laptop and my ipod instead, though. not my thing.

lowrance website


I have one of these and quit using it. Waste of time.


I think woot has made it a goal to have as many items have an mp3 player built in as possible. I’m thinking of other woots where this could be incorporated…

baby blankets
george foreman grills

really, the sky is the limit. I can’t imagine all the syncronization. Geez.


The woots are getting much more wooty lately, perhaps we have rid the system of breadmakers and pacemakers. Hallelujia. The real question for this one, though, is how often do you really need both a GPS device and an MP3 player at the same time? Answer: very rarely.

'til tomorrow, I suppose


This is an interesting woot. Perhaps the same thing on Newegg.com for $155 + $5 ship



“Lowrance iFinder Map & Music GPS Reciever w/MP3 Player”

What’s this? A MISSPELLING?!?
C’mon now, repeat after me: “I before E, except after C!”

My biggest pet peeve is professional writers who can’t spel…


And I was just about to worship the Woot Copy Writer as a GOD!!!
<but I would’nt DREAM of drawing a cartoon of him/her!>


Where the heck am I?
If only I had music…
Oh, and GPS.


This is nice, but didn’t like 90 to 100% of the people interested in getting a GPS device already get one like 2* days ago? Why throw this up again so soon, when you could put up a bag of crap or some hard drives? =D

  • Okay, I looked. It was the 4th. But still, that’s not even a week. =(


Woot is a site filled with lots of guys. We know our way around, and if we didn’t, we probably already bought the last GPS here last week. Enough of the GPS, give us a bag of crap, or at the very least, some 200 megapixel phone for $150 that will supplement the 5 we already have.

But no more GPS, please!


Same price on ubid for “Buy it Now”.(Higher shipping) Make a bid and you might get it cheaper.


Very cool woot! however…whats with the low battery life?


I thought it looked good at first, but then I saw that they’re going for $75-$90 on eBay so I’m gonna pass.


Am I reading this wrong or does this thing only have freeway offramps and not other streets?