LS Arts Wine Aerator & Vacuum Stopper Gift Set

Wine.woot anybody?

I’m not complaining I bought 3 because I was just talking about how I needed a wine stopper before I open my holiday wine I bought last week!

Are these any good? I can’t find anything about them…

These are probably good, but not better than my boxer puppy falling asleep standing up

i picked one up for a wine drinker i know. for around $10 i don’t expect anything fancy. looks like a quick use / convenience type of deal.

i couldn’t find much info, either. but i found the product at amazon for $10. don’t know if it was the “gift set” but you got both items

can’t speak for this one in particular but i have a similar one and they’re great! in for three

They are pretty decent, my sister got them from amazon and they have held up nicely. Cheaper by a little too.

Am I missing something? One puts air in and the other takes air out? Sound like a wash to me.

you can’t argue with that logic. Nor can you argue with a sleeping dog

Actually it’s more expensive, the shipping is $5 so it ends up being $15 instead of $13. Unless it sold out of a free shipping one since you posted.

looks like he partied a little to much last night.

he chases rabbits for fun.

Yea sorry I intended to specify that woot would be cheaper. I claim woot-induced maddness!