<$50 = Thrifty

…usually if I’m shopping a week before the holiday, it’s going to be for me, so I’m good with being thrifty. Anyone else in this position or are you all still shopping for others til the last possible second?

You can tell the Casio G Shock is a world-class wristwatch, or you wouldn’t see it in so many Mortimer & Monte videos! And not out of some EON-style big-bucks endorsement deal, either, but just on the merits:


(Not this exact model – I wear one from the Mudman series.)

Is lumbar the new fanny?

Shouldn’t it be >$50= Thrifty (Less than $50) instead of <$50. = Thrifty (Greater than $50 equals thrifty)?

I have this exact G-Shock model. I bought it in 2008. It’s been through a deployment and it’s still going.

I think “lumbar” has always been the proper name, but “fanny” is just slang. Correct me if I’m wrong.

You have it backwards.

It sounds classier, don’t you think?

came here to say this!

Nope. The alligator eats the bigger number! Imagine putting in X for the item price.

Or you can check here for reference on how greater than/less than works! :slight_smile:

X < 50 (X less than 50)
^Alligator eats 50 because it is more food than X

X > 50 (X greater than 50)
^Alligator eats X because it is more food than 50


I remember the alligator! That’s funny. Some things stick from our schooling.

I absolutely use the alligator system whenever in doubt.