LTB Audio 5.1 USB Surround Sound Headphones

also used to make toast

Oh, and drowning out the sound of your mother-in-law…



the 80’s just called, they want their headphones back!!

Great idea! enables more than one person to listen to the laptop, etc.

finally no more golf clubs!

can you use this on a XBOX 360???

[] Ask how long the cord is when the length is in the description, or when there is no cord.

Complaint List v1.1

Please use this checklist if you’re planning on complaining about this item.

[] Complain that the Random Crap has not been sold yet.
[] Complain that this isn’t the Random Crap.
[] Mention how this is a woot off killer.
[] Since you don’t like the item, mention that the woot off is probably over soon because this item indicates that.
[] Complain about the item some more.
[] Tell people it is an AMAZING deal and they should buy 3.
[] Suggest Woot create another specialty site to cater to just this type of product.
[] Post a picture that expresses your dissatisfaction. Perhaps it should include a kitten.
[] Mention that no one has any use for this even if it isn’t still at 100% and people are buying it.
[] Whine that you will NOT join a “trucking social network” in order to gain access to happy hour. Proceed to continue being a snob about it while going through all the other steps again.
[] Discuss things like man-milk and continue to argue strenuously about your sexuality even though you are the one who first brought it up.
[] Brag about how many items you’ve bought from woot and how much money you’ve spent, which obviously entitles you to a sack of crap without doing what it takes to get one.
[] Talk about how this woot off is awful. Work in the phrase: “Worst. Woot-off. EVER.”
[] Say you’re never going to buy anything on Woot again even though you’re a whitebox.
[] Ask if this will work with your - Mac, Zune, Ipod, Linux, Dos 3.0, Roomba, etc.
[] Ask if it will work underwater.

Feel free to add more.

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Have a pair, everyone can hear everything. They are very loud in and out of the headphone.

$29 on amazon.

Good…atleast the cord is long enough for me to hang myself form a ceiling fan.

11 ft is a little too long for headphones… is the cord somehow retractable?

$31.59 on amazon…great deal

The same head as earlier - I want the HEAD WOOT!!!

Is there any kind of software required to use with a PC?

Is that an external sound card I see?

Either the dummy is a pinhead, or those things are HUGE!