LTB Audio HSMT-UD 5.1 USB Folding Surround Sound Headphones

its sooo loud in here! Good thing i have these noise cancelling headphones…

do these things work?

In before headphone.woot

at least they are new!

i was missing ole gray head, the grey head!

“or great connector.”



phew, scared me there.


Item quantity: 8

already gone? holy cow!

What happened to the knives? Multitools? I’m still waiting for the SAG multitool with a C4 spike…though they’re probably all gone by now :frowning:

Whatever happened to the posts that recorded what the item was selling for? I was away for a bit and now wootalyzer et al are gone. What did I miss?

It was $5.99 and there were only 8 of them, wow.

Ahhhh, I wanted these!