Lucas & Lewellen Mixed White (6)

Lucas & Lewellen Mixed White 6-Pack
Sold by: Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards
2014 Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County
2014 Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Barbara County

Thoughts from Wine Enthusiast :


Oh, hai! There I was, minding my own business, when a L&L chardonnay showed up at my house. Conveniently enough, it’s part of today’s offering. :wink: Joel will hopefully be around with his tasting notes at some point, too, bit for now you get my muddled (and typed while mobile) thoughts.

I really liked this straight out of the bottle. It didn’t taste too oaky to me, but I’ve been known to be completely off in interpreting tastes. A few sips later and the oak definitely shines through. It tastes like a nice, full bodied wine, and I enjoyed it. I think my exact words to Joel were “I typically enjoy wines from Lucas and Llewellyn, and this one didn’t disappoint.”

We paired it with a Thai inspired peanut butter noodle stir fry, and I thought they went well together. The chardonnay definitely stood up to both the peanut butter and the spice in the noodles. By contrast, I ate a piece of pineapple after dinner and then took a sip of wine. And immediately regretted it. The pineapple and this chardonnay did not mix well at all, in my opinion.

Overall, I would recommend this wine.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll try to pop in later and answer any other questions, but this site is blocked at work, so you may need to rely on Joel to get information.

Just a note that according to the specs if I’m reading correctly it appears this saw only stainless steel.

Maybe? I really have a horrible way with describing tastes. It wasn’t as clear stainless a taste as I’m used to, though. Maybe it’s something from the earth and grape I was tasting…

Not calling you out, appreciate the great note! You wrote what you tasted so thanks. And depending on how else it was treated, say malolactic fermentation that can give a buttery or maybe oaky profile.

Kaolis hit it on the head! This wine did undergo partial malolactic fermentation which added some body and a light creaminess to it - this differentiates it from the majority of Chards made in stainless steel.

Hi Michelle, Thanks for taking the time to share you notes, glad you like the wine! - Mike Lewellen

That explains it, then!

Lucas and Lewellen, Tocatta, Mandolina have always been solid IMO. Well-made wines that are varietal correct. Unfortunately, I am not a chard grape fan at all otherwise I’d be in.

Hoping for a red offer in the near future! Glad to have this winery back on woot

I was fortunate to be selected as a Grape Debater for the Sauvignon Blanc.

It was very enjoyable-- what one would expect from the varietal. Orchard fruit and citrus on the nose. Crisp on the palate, with notes of grapefruit, melon, and minerals. The L&L Sauv Blanc has nice, bright acidity.

Very nice as an aperitif, which is how I enjoyed it, but would also be stellar with soft cheeses, fish, shellfish, chicken, etc.

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Good to see you’re finally doing your job :slight_smile: