Lucas and Lewellen Three-Pack



Lucas & Lewellen Three-Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 Lucas & Lewellen 2004 Petite Sirah Santa Barbara County
1 Lucas & Lewellen 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Barbara County
1 Lucas & Lewellen 2003 Cabernet Franc Santa Barbara County

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The conspiracy continues…


Wow, I saw petite sirah and knew I was going in, then saw cab franc too, so in for three. Sounds great.


I already bought 2. And I literally have nowhere to put it, or it would have been 3. Good thing I asked for PS at the end of last week’s Cyberpub!


and he’s not even a labrat!! no philosophical dilemma here…


Damnit, I must have missed first sucker by a second.


P.S. front and center Loweel. no coincidence…


Amazing how WD got the PS included that quickly.


mmm…I tasted the Cabernet at their cellar, which was delicious.


I was slow tonight too, I was actually doing work getting prepared for tomorrow and realized my computer said it was after 10 pm already.




I’m excited about this one. Labrat possibly??? wink wink

went in for one.


Always looking for a new Sirah and 2003 Cab should be good. Franc is just a bonus.
Santa Barabara wines usually pretty good.


I really wish Pennsylvania would get off their collective butts to allow me to have these shipped to me. Nice collection, well worth the price.


I had the absolute best Pinot from the SB valley 20 years ago. Earthy, tobacco and blackberry hints just made me weep. I’ve yet to find anything like that…could I hope to find that combination in any of these? [i still kick myself for not getting back on the plane to ship a gross…yes, i still kick myself]. I know it’s not 1986, but one can dream.


Ohhhh… tempted. Need to know more.


in for one! come onnnnn labrat! :slight_smile:


Congrats on the correct guess Ublink!

I’ll be in on this one later this week.


I’d love to click that button, but can’t. Wife said I’m not allowed to buy wine for a while, as we just found out we’re pregnant with our first. Wish us luck!