Lucas J. Russian River Pinot Noir (3)

Lucas J. Russian River Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2008 Lucas J. Pinot Noir, Jasper Family Vineyard, Russian River Valley
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I might be sold on the kool aid man busting through the wall nose descriptor. It’s one of my favorite super (/ame) visuals.

In on trifecta’s recommendation - and first sucker to boot! That’s the first time that’s happened :slight_smile:

I am very tempted by this - first time in a while at woot. Intriguing tasting notes in the write up. Anyone had this recently - perhaps there’s a rodent who might chime in? Hmmm… I also notice that it looks like a screw cap, which is not common on Pinot.

On the fence… push me over!

Edit: Ok, off the fence and in for one based on trifecta’s hard sell.

Lucas is downright rockin the Pinot QPR with his lineup. This wine is delicious and approachable now, but should pick up steam in a couple years.

I drank the kool,aid when he first started up his club. Haven’t been disappointed with a single wine. Looking back I am surprised I didn’t post notes, but I have had this wine many times in the last year and enjoyed it every time.

For those that might not know the name, Lucas is a major driving force behind all the Meeker wines the woot community knows and loves.

Hey all, thanks for having me. Hopefully you’ll extend your Meeker Woot trust my way on this offer.

As usual, I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions, with long-to-a-fault answers.

The long and the short of Lucas J. Cellars is this: When I came back to the family business, I wanted to learn the hard way. I started making wine under my own label in the 2007 harvest from this same vineyard.

I make almost entirely PInot Noir, and I sort of live by what I consider pretty important style standards for those Pinots:

  1. 100% Pinot Noir, and when possible 100% vineyard specific and 100% clonal. I won’t call something a vineyard or clonal designate without it being 100% that designate. (Not because I’m trying to paint some romantic terroir painting, but because I believe in giving you as clear an idea of what the wine is and what the differences are.)

  2. No residual sugar, unfiltered wines.

  3. Medium alcohol, (comparably) low pH wines that will age.

  4. Over-deliver and under-price. It makes happy customers who trust you.

None of this is all that new or ground-breaking. I’m just trying to make some really great high-QPR Pinot Noir from California and demystify a little bit in the process.

Please, ask me questions! You’ll prevent me from having to do all the boring stuff I normally do on a Tuesday!

I’m pretty exhausted right now and will probably sign off for the night after this and see you all in the morning.

Thanks for your support in advance, and if you sell this product out I will personally owe you a high five (probably).

Thoroughly enjoyed this wine.

Screwcap should be common on Pinot (and all other wines). I’m not the only one doing relatively high priced Pinot in screwcaps: Loring Wine Company (I think Brian was the first to go full brodie on screwcaps for high end Pinot), AP Vin, etc.

I hate corks, like really bad. I think I’ve gone on that rant here already. The screwcap is the superior closure. If it was an option when the wine world switched from burlap coated wooden pegs to cork, I bet they would have skipped cork.


Thanks David. You rule.

Of course there are those that will (and always do) poo poo Stelvin enclosures, errr make that screw caps. It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks, and there’s lots of flawed data on screw caps to be sure.

Had a great trip to your tasting room a few months ago, the Four Kings four year vertical experience was a real treat! Left with several bottles of Pinot, and a bottle of Four Kings. I really enjoy your wines Lucas.

Glad to see you on the boards Lucas! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your wines to date.

This wine has a very good structure, which I rarely see in wines of this price point. Especially in Pinots.

I’ve never had a bad bottle of anything Lucas has touched, and as a result I can’t turn this down. Which sucks, as I was trying to go on a SIWBM. Damn it, Lucas. In for one.

After all the reviews, I’m willing to drink the cool-aid, plus the wife really likes Pinot Noir. In for two to try it out.

Do I get a high five?

Amen…if I’m not planning to age it, I don’t need it to have a cork. Last I tasted in Willamette wineries I was surprised/impressed by how many $75+ bottles of wine (Pinot) they were pouring out of screw caps.

How much is shipping to Maryland?
Can’t find it in the details.

It’s Russian. They stole a Super Bowl and a NSA spy. Buy American you communist.

I really can’t believe we’re seeing this here, especially at this price point. A group of wooters hit the Meeker TR after D&D and tasted through his selections and especially his PN’s; this was one of two I purchased, at a substantially higher (club) price.
Thanks to Trifecta!
Quite bright, plenty of fruit (not in a Parker way), a mixture that suggests something like bramble on the nose and palate, and a nice long but subtle finish. At least that’s what I remember.

Got this with the intention of forgetting it for some number of years, despite the twist off! Now, with this, and my newley added inventory, I’ll get to see how these evolve over an interesting period of time.

Thanks Lucas, and WD! Never thought I’d see this here, especially at $20/bottle.

I don’t know what it is, but I can never seem to resist a Russian River Pinot. In for 1.

For this time of the year, is it worth the +$3 for 2 day shipping? Not in a hurry to drink to it. More just worried about this 85+ heat in NYC.

Yes, but you have to collect it. I don’t have that much travel budget.