Lucas & Lewellen Mandolina Toccata Mixed - 12 Pack

Lucas & Lewellen Mandolina Toccata Mixed - 12 Pack
$129.99 + $5 shipping
4 2005 Mandolina Toccata Riserva
4 2006 Mandolina Toccata Riserva
4 2006 Mandolina Toccata Classico
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These are the guys who made some of the first Woot! Wines! Good stuff, and they turned me on to Lodi Zin. :slight_smile:

This is an impressive discount from the wine website price.

These bottles on the wine website would go for a total of $272 not including shipping. That’s more than a 50% discount even if you include woot shipping costs!

Retails: $32 a bottle for the 2005 Mandolina Toccata Riserva, great deal. Not big on oak though, too many wines today and that’s all you taste. Any thoughts on these?

The Riserva’s was bottled two years after harvest but only spent 3-4 months in barrels; where did it spend the rest of it’s time before bottling?

Were these wine descriptions written when the wine was released??
I’m curious because I want to know the drinking window of 2006 Riserva.
The last line of the description says “Enjoy our 2006 Toccata Riserva now or age for the next 5-7 years for an even smoother wine.”

So the release date being Nov. 2010, its been aged an year already? correct?

So we can expect to enjoy this for a smoother taste from 2015 to 2017 right?

Is it just me or the 2006 riserva link taking you to an Invalid Wine ID page?

Ummm, nope sorry, they did make some of the Woot! Cellar wines, but they weren’t involved in the first batch. Woot! Cellar Wine thread.

They were responsible for Tøøthstejnn, EHP, & Twas.

Worked fine for me … (used the link you quoted, so any changes made wouldn’t be in effect).

Maybe you need to log in?

Very interesting blends, and even more interesting how they changed from year to year (well the winemaker changed too) and line to line within the same year with the same winemaker.

I dunno, would like to try this, but 12 bottles is a big commitment considering it might be all for not, on the other hand it could be terrific.


I’m kind of holding out for some Barbara…rumor has it some Jacuzzi Barbera is making it’s way to the south bay this week :slight_smile:

The Mandolina Quartet was my first Woot in 7/07:

  • Mandolina 2002 Toccata
  • Mandolina 2002 Nebbiolo
  • Mandolina 2005 Sangiovese
  • Mandolina 2006 Pinot Grigio

At the time, the 4 bottles went for $39.99.

I really enjoyed them – enough that they still stand out in my mind, though I’m not sure I can provide any specifics. (I’m pretty sure the Toccata was my fave but don’t quote me. Four years of wine ago is a long time.)

I only wish this was a 4-pack again b/c I just don’t have space for a dozen.

I hear you there!

Has anyone tried the 2004 Toccata Reserva from the Woot! Off? I ordered that one, but I have tried it yet, so I don’t know whether to order more.

Similar here–that was my 4th wine woot back in the day. Records show I bought 3 lots, so there may be a bottle or two stuck in the back of the “cellar” (aka wine box in the basement.) Remember it fondly, but not distinctively. On the fence on this one.

I purchased the 2004, but it isn’t supposed to get here before Wed. I’m going to go to work and think about this.

Really tempted by this - waiting for some reviews before I click the button.

This is probably my favorite everyday brand of wine. Very very good for the price. Will have to drink one tonight actually.

I bought a case from them
exactly one year ago from tomorrow. I remember really enjoying the 04 Riserva. No notes on the others so that means they were “OK”.
No space at home, but if anyone in the Atlanta area is interested in splitting a case, please let me know.