Lucas & Lewellen Mandolina Toccata Mixed - 12 Pack


Very much on the fence. I love some Super Tuscans, others not so much. And this is a great deal.

Meh, I may have to go with it and give the 45% Cab away.

Anyone around Charlotte, NC feel like splitting this?

Okay - I’m in for one. Works well for Christmas presents for my team at the office. Was actually considering getting two, but not enough info here yet? Rattage?

NO Labrats.

my favorite! I only ordered 1 but was happy to see that I could have ordered 3 if I had the space and funds.

Wish this could have been timed a little better. Very tempting, but the decision would be much easier if this offer occured after we had a chance to taste the last offering from this vineyard. Mine doesn’t get here until Friday… :frowning:

Decisions… Decisions…


it wouldn’t work for me either;

i logged in;

it worked.

my face when:

I work for L&L and wanted to let you know that the individual wines were barreled for up to 18 months. Then the blend is determined in the spring of the second year, after which the blended wine is in barrel for another 3-4 months. I think you will enjoy the result.

I had a bottle the night before the woot off, then ordered another case when I saw it on the woot off. I’m no expert in wine aging, but the tannins and acid in this wine indicate to me that it is going to hold for at least a few more years if not more. I got some herbal qualities in the wine, my wife actually tasted “toasted coconut”, which I could taste as well when I looked for it. It versatile with food - recently we paired it with a Vietnamese spiced pork as well as a simple bolognese pasta dish and it worked well with both of them, probably better with the latter.

Having said all that, this wine changes every year even more so than other wines. In general, I’ve been a fan of everything wearing a Mandolina label from L&L. Fantastic QPR from Woot and deals like this are why I keep checking this site.

I’m near Charlotte…would like to split the case. I’ll be out of town when it may deliver. How does this work?

That is correct although this is tasting very good now. The 5-7 years refers to aging from the release date. This vintage is heavy on the Cab and has strong tannins which will hold up to aging.

Last time I was in Solvang, CA. I bought a case of the 2005 Riserva. It is wonderful - the cab-franc adds a wonderful layer of earthy must.

If L&L wasn’t just a short drive from me, I’d order this case in a second. (I try to reserve my Woot purchases for wines that are more difficult to get my hands on.)

Happy drinking!

recipe on the roast pork?

Would love to see a Jacuzzi offering here on woot.


Just ordered one and I am loathing myself for my lack of self control. Price is too good to pass up plus I just added a second wine fridge so I have plenty of room.

I LOVED the 2004 Riserva. Still saving 1 bottle for a special occasion. Sorry, not very good at describing all of the flavors of wine. All I can say is I got every drop of the 04 out of the bottle.

Well, here’s hoping!

I’m in for a case now, thankfully I just got my holiday bonus (tanstaafl). This is only my second winewoot purchase (yay!) The last purchase was so totally amazing (Bargetto) that I will put total confidence in the Woot Gods that this will be supremely awesome wine!

I was a wine club member there for over 5 years. Their wines are delicious to the palate and very bold. If you store them properly they will last a long time.I drink mostly blends and the 04 reserve was my favorite of this varietal.

We really enjoyed all of the Mandolina wine in the mixed case last year and already ordered some of the 2004 Toccata last week. And we still got this case as well. Enough said…