Lucas & Lewellen Mandolina Toccata Mixed - 12 Pack

Glad to read all the positive reviews. My wife ran across Mandolina on a trip to Solvang a few months ago and fell in love with them. So, when I happened to see this come up from the main Woot site I had to investigate. So now this is my first wine.woot. Talk about jumping in with both feet!

Bought a case to send to Santa Maria for an upcoming family wedding. Perfect timing! I will be curious how Fed Ex routes this to a location less than 20 miles from it’s destination…

in for one!
i’ve been reading all-day, and i think i’m convinced

I need some reasonably priced dinnertime wines, and the Italians sure know how to make good wines for drinking with food. Hope this CalItal meets the standard. In for one.

I’m in. The positive reviews and especially the wedding comment sold me. My fiance and I are planning to have wine tasting at our wedding. Four bottles of each wine should be just about right for the # of people we expect, so this is perfect.

Thanks for the post.

Longtime lurker/frequent buyer, feeling compelled to chime in on this one…

If you tried Tøøthstejnn, EHP, or Twas, this should be an auto-buy. These guys have produced some outstanding wines at any price, but when I look back on what I paid here I’m a little incredulous. This is the sort of QPR that puts wine.woot off the charts.

I promise I have no relation to woot or the winery and I am only basing this recommendation on (very strong) historical performance, but buy this before it’s gone!

First, congrats on your upcoming wedding. I can honestly say that I have not had a bad bottle of Mandolina yet, and for the price, it can’t be beat. Hope your soon to be in-laws agree! My father-in-law approved of this purchase, so all must be ok…

Sure, I was going to bed, but then I just had to read the comments on today’s wine, didn’t I? Sigh.

Lucas & Lewellen Mandolina Toccata Mixed - 12 Pack
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Been looking at this all day and finally pulled the trigger. I can easily make presents out of half of them (says the guy trying to get all his shopping done before Thursday.)

I really want some of this, but I don’t have room for a case. :frowning:

Same here. Couldn’t help but give in after looking at it all day. I bought the Mandolina varietal case in '09 and while I enjoyed all of the wine, the Toccata stuck out in my mind. I did buy the 4-pk during the woot-off, so I was holding back from this one, but at the end of the day I just couldn’t help myself.

Like you said, maybe I’ll gift some. I like to have a good wine that I’m familiar with to take to someone’s home for dinner as well.

Should make for an interesting vertical with the 2004 I’ve yet to pick up at the local FedEx office.

Yet another “wish I had pulled the trigger” wine. Oh well, I’ll watch for it during the next wine.woot-off…

Sooo, I ordered this, payment cleared, and I still havn’t received my order, nor did I get some kind of tracking number.