Lucas & Lewellen Vineyard 2004 Mandolina Toccata Riserva - 4 Pack

Lucas & Lewellen Vineyard 2004 Mandolina Toccata Riserva - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2004 Mandolina Toccata Riserva
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price is right anyone try this before?

I have been waiting for a recurrence of L@L for many months, and am happy to see it show up today. This is not blow your socks off good, but it is a wine that makes my wife very happy. What else can I ask for? In for one!

This is selling for $32/bottle at the winery so about 60% off before shipping.

According to the winery it will age for quite a while.

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Had some mixed reviews; everyone liked it but some say fruity, some say not… From what I’ve found on the wine I would guess not.

Any tasting notes you can share on this one? Very mixed blend here, what does it lean towards?

Numbers look good and the blend interesting.

Anyone with knowledge of winemaker Megan McGrath Gates style?

From the vintners site:
The Mandolina brand is now Toccata!

Originally planted from cuttings brought from Italy’s legendary vineyards, Lucas & Lewellen’s Italian varietal vineyards of Toccata thrive in the Los Alamos Valley, where warm summer days and cool coastal nights provide the perfect growing environment.

This woot off is killing my credit card… in for one.

I agree with the write up in that it does favor a Super T style. Not heavy on the Cab, and a very smooth drinker.

We really enjoyed the 2005 Toccata we received in the mixed case a while back. Already pushed the yellow button for 2…

I hear ya! lol
Can’t stop hitting refresh!

In for one!! Till this day… the Mandolina mixed 12 pack that was on here has been my favorite collection of wine yet. Sure I have found lots of others I like… but the fact is that all of the wines in this collection… escpecially this Toccata were damn good. I remember how many diffrent flavors this one had from first sip to the last glass…some spice, some smoke, dry fruityness… sweet!

Ya I’m getting piss*ed off when I have to go to a meeting, work is killing me, In for 1 my 4th order this current woot off.

Had a bottle of this on Sunday night as our “second” bottle opened up with dinner. The first was a Biale Zin (don’t remember which vineyard).

The 2004 Tocatta Riserva was drinking well but tasted as though it had enough structure to easily last a few more years. There is an herbaceous quality to this wine that leans toward the mint end of spectrum to my palate. Lot’s of good red fruits and the finish is moderately long. It tasted good, although quite different, after Biale Zin, which is saying a lot imho.

We had it with 5 spice pork lettuce cups, fwiw.

Oh, btw, in for two. :wink:

You know…they have this application you can download to your phone for free named “woot’s up”. (well, at least on the Droid interface.)

And yes, it does updates for woot-offs. Keeps you informed of new woots that just hit and how much is left in stock. Tapping/clicking on the picture will navigate you to the website where you can login, purchase, and go back to your boring meeting. :wink:

Interesting that they are doing a BOGO on the cases of this from the vinyard…

Well, you all talked me into another one Dang, I’m running out of room in my wine closet–better start drinking more!

This is still cheaper: 1 case here is $155. On the website, you have to buy 1 case at full price $384. Then you get one for free and the case cost goes down to $192, but you still pay for shipping, which for Chicago was $50 for the two cases).

And here I thought I’d get out of this woot-off with my wallet intact. Almost got me with the Lang last night, but this pushed me over the edge.

Should you need a rat this weekend, don’t hesitate to ask :wink:

In fairness, it says that the second case is 1 cent. But woot is still a better deal, and you don’t have to buy in such large volume.

Edit: Oops, I’m way late on the above observation.