Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Estate Grown - Three Pack

In for one!

Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Estate Grown - Three Pack

1 2006 Lucas & Lewellen Cabernet Franc
1 2006 Lucas & Lewellen Petite Sirah
1 2007 Lucas & Lewellen Malbec

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here we goooo…long night

Grumble grumble, I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t tell the missis.

Last wooter to woot: silent7seven


Does this Lucas have any relation to the Lucas Zinstar vineyard in Lodi?

Hmm this comes right after the Keating 3-pack that I went in for 2 on. Anyone have any info on these? I have a feeling they will be gone before I wake up and make a decision…

VVV thanks

Deja Woot

Yeah there is, so you can edit it into your post if you want.

I saw that same one on cellar tracker but I don’t think it’s the one being offered now. The description today is Valley View not Santa Barbara. But I used the link anyhow :wink:

Grabbed the CT link from the prior offer. Looks right to me.

Santa Barbara is the appellation. Valley View is the vineyard in that appellation. That CT wine just hadn’t had the vineyard specific added to it yet.

EDIT: I think I may know what it may be. Looks like the 2004 (don’t know about the '05 as there is no image of the label) didn’t specify the Vineyard on the label. But their 2006 does.

EDIT EDIT: From what I can see, looks like prior vintages were probably a mix of Valley View Vineyard near Solvang and their other vineyard located in Los Alamos. So in CT, the 2006 should probably have been made into it’s own wine with the vineyard designation. If anyone from L&L shows up, maybe they can shed more light on it and let us know if any other vintages were designated Valley View Vineyard, as opposed a a mix.

in for 3. now that that is out of the way, and since I’m not sure how long this will last…


just wanted to remind anyone in the rocky mountain region that we are having another wine.woot tasting at our house in Denver (almost) THIS SATURDAY, 29 May 2010.

If you are interested check out the thread and/or PM me.

… we now return you to your regularly scheduled wine.wootoff thread!