Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Estate Grown - Three Pack

Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Estate Grown - Three Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2006 Lucas & Lewellen Cabernet Franc
1 2006 Lucas & Lewellen Petite Sirah
1 2007 Lucas & Lewellen Malbec
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Not a bad price…

2006 Cab Franc $26
2006 Petite Sirah $28

Direct from their site… They don’t have their Malbec listed…

This looks fabulous. In for one, might have to make it two… or three…

One for now.

Not a fan of L&L in general, I almost hate CF as a varietal, and while I adore PS…I was very underwhelmed by the previous vintage offered here on woot.

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Waiting on the rats on this one. Very tempting, so I’m all set with my legs on that side of the fence, but I want to know what I’m getting into before I hop off.

Any advice/notes/thoughts on the individual varietals for this self-proclaimed wine newbie?

Also, what do you think in terms of cellaring for these?

A rare one to please both me and Loweeel.

Alas, I think I’ll be passing on this one. The Havens deals have used up my budget for a while. Plus, the description of the CF puts it too far on the fruit side for me, along with moderately high pH and ABV. Needs a little something savory to get me to bite.

What the H E double-toothpicks; in 4 1.

[How good is this deal?](" title="How good is this deal?)

L&L is a pretty familiar and reliable name around here, but if there reputation is not enough for you, this deal ought to be. The 2007 Malbec is not yet available in the online store, so the price for that one is based on the 2006 vintage price found through Google.

Click the link above for full discount details, CT links and prices, and all the usual stuff.

The description says the Malbec was released in Jan 2010, so it looks like this is a woot launch for that bottle.

I want to know more about the vineyards - where they are, and what influences them - sea breezes, fog, temperature, soil, etc.

I’m wondering why the winery doesn’t have a “bordeaux blend” wine? It seems that they have all the parts in place with the varietals, and often with blending you can create that magical wine whose sum is greater than its parts.

Is something like that in the works or did I miss it on their website?

Hmmm…or maybe they want us to create out own blends by buying a bottle of each of the Bordeaux varietals and experimenting ourselves?

Slightly off-topic here: the last Malbec I tried (not L&L–forgot which vineyard) was very sour-tasting, and my sink eventually consumed the rest of my glass and the bottle. Is sourness a typical trait of Malbecs? Or would it be more likely that I just got a very bad wine? I was not having anything else other than wine.

dammit. wine.woot is my new late night shopping obsession. I finally had to buy a wine cooler so I can actually care for the ridiculous amount of wine I am now in possession of.

so, of course, in for one. these glowing recommendations are too difficult to resist, but after the holidays I can’t justify multiples anymore!

fyi, I will always be available to be a lab rat :slight_smile:

Alas, I have to pass on this one, even though I love Cabernet Franc and Malbec is one of my Hubs’ favorites… As it is, I have to add eight more bottles into the total, below…

First Sucker: MarkDaSpark
Last Wooter To Woot: tripgrad

I’m back in the saddle again…

I just received an (apparently) very expensive bottle of Cab Franc from the Wine Library’s thank you packs deal, so I’d like to give this a try first. In for one, and willing to sing (rat) like a canary.

I’ll give it a shot. I’ll use it as courage to invite a new lady over to taste test them with me.

Thanks Woot!

It has been a while since Lucas & Lewellen have been offered here. So glad to see them once again AND with a new variety. Really enjoy Malbec and glad CA has started with them. How would you compare it to an Argentina Malbec?

Would love to labrat …

People you can’t go wrong with any of these - don’t hesitate or you may miss out.