Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Estate Grown - Three Pack


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Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Estate Grown - Three Pack - $44.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 2006 Lucas & Lewellen Cabernet Franc, 1 * 2006 Lucas & Lewellen Petite Sirah, 1 * 2007 Lucas & Lewellen Malbec

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so wooters, let’s pick up the pace. Only 3056 bottles of wine sold since midnight. WD’s got bills to pay.


Is this the same one we had a while back ago?

I think I have a bottle of the Cab Franc left.

Nope … that last time was 2003 / 2004’s. Which was quite good by the way :slight_smile:


While I have not had the reds from L&L, I have had their Sauvignon blanc and found it quite pleasing. Anyone here had their reds?


I would like to see some 30-50 bottle wine fridges on here, new, for under $400 - yes? Dual zone temperature control?

Can we do that?


cab franc and PS? I’m in…


Do you think WD could pay some of my new credit card bills??


I’m goign to be needing one with all the wine I have bought in the last cpl days…


Curious about the wine, anyone?


I am - I resisted this the first time around, anyone who got it want to tell me why I should/shouldn’t this time?


Previous offer discussion


I second that. I would gladly, though possibly also stupidly, put one of those on the CC.


I really hope to see some X winery again


Darn, at an awards ceremony and missed the Corison. WD, put some more up, please! I’ll even take some dusty bottles she has laying around as long as they have some CS in them!!


Is this a product launch for the Malbec? I do not see it on the winery website.


Im with you there, Ive only cracked open the x3 and liked it.


Do you remember what you tasted and how you liked it?


In for 2. Haven’t bought anything this woot off, and it sounds like I missed a bargain in the last set of reds.


We got this the last time it was offered and thoroughly enjoyed each one. I’m in for 3. Yes, you can call me wine hog.