LucasArts Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squad for PSP

do people still use PSP’s?

woot-off killer

What woot off is complete without something Star Wars related?

Ugh… awful game.

Great game for the PSP, imo. Lots of replay value.

It’ll sell. It’s cheap.

ew really?

I’ll Pass…played it, and its nothing special

Yes it will work with your stupid macs.

It would be blasphemy.

Guess I shouldn’t woot it for my bro then. He’s the only person I know with a PSP; although I don’t think he uses it anymore anyways…

By all means, woot for our pleasure.

Figures. There’s a woot-off and I have a job interview in the morning. So goes my luck.

How is something that’s going to be around for a few minutes a woot off killer?

People are just typing out random woot off cliches now.

Obama is president = poor economy = job interview > woot-off

doubt you’ll get it anyway. might as well woot.


i love this game

and you joined when? And have bought what?