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Actually buy holiday shirts the next day? Missed this one? This is your lucky link!

like the shirt color and the design is pretty cool but not cool enough for me to buy :slight_smile:

noooo. you’re supposed to wear green on st. patricks day. ugh.

“wear it on St. Patty’s Day.”

ehh no green :expressionless:

wheres the green?

like the idea, bad colors…

Don’t you love St. Patrick shirts without green?

Horribly lame. In other news, happy birthday to me!

But it’s not green! I’ll get pinched if I wear it on St. Patrick’s Day!

brown is the color of… oh never mind, jus not appropriate for St. Patty’s Day unless I’m really brownfaced…anyway at least this one doens’t have words on it (which are so passe on t-shirts) but I’ll pass on the funky leprechaun (what the frick is he doing anyways). Mad at meself fer stayin up past midnight on this one:(
the wooters who bought 3 or more definitely have me scratching my head, I hope they don’t regreat the brown leprechaun, who by the way is named Skippy (I think)

Grats to the artist, great design. Just wished it was on a green shirt.

This shirt gives me a profound case of eh…

No green, no wear…

Green? I’m protestant irish… where’s the orange?

Green? nahhh Brown Man Brown

My first thought too.

There’s no green on this shirt!!! You want us to spend an extra $5 to get pinched on the the 17th! That’s a Double Pinch! and not the kind you pour in a glass.

No green, so why wear it?

yeah, seriously where’s the green

We call this color: Brown Not Green So You’re Still Getting Pinched, Sucker