Luckiest Ninja

Colors look great; cheerful obliviousness continues its charm.

Best ninja yet. Love the tiger!

This is so dang cute. Picking the four leaf clover is perfect luck.

I withdraw my previous comment, after actually reading the explanation of the experimental $5 flat shipping. My bad.

As someone who has the full ninja collection, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed by this one. It’s the second time Nervel (that’s what I named Unstealthy) has been graphed picking flowers, most of the rest of his mates appear dead, and the remaining 2 looking frightened instead of irritated or determined? Very nonja-like.

I think I might pass on this one.

I can’t have been the first person to see this and immediately think of the racist children’s tale “Little Black Sambo”!

i was not aware of little black sambo. you’ve opened up my eyes to a new world of racism.

The more I look at this, the more I see a Hobbes ambush scenario.

Yay! another one for the collection. It is too bad there’s only three of them. I love seeing the many different expressions on their faces.

Great to see this design on Woot where it belongs. Good luck with the big Ninja side sale!

My son’s name is Max. (Hi Max!) He’s a ninja addict. Instabuy #11, I believe. Three more, and he can go two whole weeks without washing a load of Tshirts.

That’s a pretty sweet tiger.

I think I would have enjoyed this more if he were knelt down cutting the four leaf… as if to say he does not need luck, he is a ninja. Poetic irony and all. Still a good design.

Because beer and…ninjas?

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Spring is coming! It’s supposed to get to -2 degrees today!!

Oy the day you have no access to a computer and work over. Definitely will have to get size 10 later.

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