Lucky 6's

Lucky 6’s

Woot Cellars Pinkie Swear (6)
$59.99 $119.00 50% off List Price

Tor del Colle Southern Italy Mixed Reds (6)
$79.99 $139.00 42% off List Price

Viñas de Luján de Cuyo Argentinian White (6)
$65.99 $115.00 43% off List Price

Lang Amador County Zinfandel (6)
$69.99 $133.00 47% off List Price

Could you guys please hold back some of the pinkie swear for later in the year. It’s been offered three times in 4 months. I’m stocked up now but might buy more in a few months.

The Lang Amador County Zinfandel is very good. Great aroma, great taste, lingering finish. I’m not able describe the different flavors, but I do know what I like. And I like this very much!

I’ve purchased this many times and never been disappointed. I’m sitting on pulling the trigger on this as I stocked up on Scott Harvey last week. Lets see if I change my mind during the next few days.

Could you give us a few tasting notes?

Here you go


We like this a lot…

nose: melon, peach, pineapple, coconut, cinnamon

palate: pear, grapefruit, jasmine, pepper, sandalwood, dill (ie nicely complex)

finish: long, somewhat fruity. Very nice. A sip-alone wine!

Want to get the Lang. Mine is all gone. West Virginia is no longer on the ship to list. Ohio and Maryland got back on, what’s taking so long with WV? I have started conserving what wine I have left (ie, not drinking as much) and probably am not as pleasant as I used to be :slight_smile:

I know this is really a stupid question, but I’m actually serious. In your opinion, would you think Pinky is sophisticated enough so that my snobby friends won’t sneer, but drinkable enough so that even my non wine drinking friends will like it?
Maybe I should stick with tap water.

I get wine shipped from Amador County regularly thru one of my wine club memberships. I live in Missouri. Why can’t I get the Zinfandel 6’s from Lang shipped to me? Very frustrated because Zinfandels are my favorite and I LOVE anything from Amador.

The wine itself is quite good. Your friend will sneer at the label. Garunteed!

Welcome to wine woot. Unfortunately, being from Missouri, you have come along at a bad time. Woot has not been able to ship wine to MO since early Sept. last year. This has to do with woot’s business model and interpretation of state laws. You can read a synopsis HERE