Lucky at last



Just don’t cross him…



[Insert comment here about OMFG ramyb?!?!?!]



I still think it would have been a funnier gag if the clovers were wilted.


Black cat = unlucky.
4 leaf clover = lucky.

FWIW, the odds of finding a 4-leaf clover is about 1 in 10,000 (3-leaf clovers).


I wish it were on kelly instead of grass. Grass green makes me look pasty. :frowning:


Embrace the paste!


Why does ramyb need any luck? He gets his shirts printed all the time!

Besides, the seven-leaf clover beats a plain old four-leaf anytime.


Don’t you (forget about me)!


I think it will take a lot more than a single 4 leaf clover to cancel out the bad luck of a black cat, maybe if he had a rabbit’s foot and a horse shoe…


What you don’t know is that this is based upon a photo taken by a camera suspended under ladder.


Who knew that ramyb and I both liked green for the same reason?


My girlfriend took one sleepy look at this shirt in bed and said “gimme”. In for one


Stupid Yancy. He stole my lucky black cat!


Surprised no comments yet about the price increase? Are we finally all up to speed?

If not, I’ll post This Link just in case people filter in and wonder about the new-ish price.


Nice illusion of depth (in the grass).


Exactly one month away from St. Patrick’s day no less.


I <3 futurama,

This shirt is so freakin’ cute I’m going to vomit from my freshwater and saltwater stomachs


… which means there’s a good chance that SnailPost will actually get it there in time!

(Just kidding … I’ve had a few arrive here in 4 days, one in 3 days, and the majority in 7 days).


I’ve got a black cat and people call me clover. I know what I’m using my $5 coupon on :slight_smile: