Lucky Bums Kids Bags & Chairs

The chairs and sleeping bags are great; I bought two of each from Zulilly a while back for my 2 and 4 yr old grandchildren. We used them the first time over 4th of July weekend and they held up great. The chairs are very sturdy and the kids seem very comfortable in them. The sleeping bags are good quality also.

from looking at the luckybums site I assume the serenity ii to be 10 and not 0?

" mummy style sleeping bag for the kids rated to 10°F complete with…

Rated 0°F


The size says “small.”

I am wondering how small?

I have kidlets aged 5 through 12. Would these seat them comfortably.

Said children are on the smaller side, thinish. The 12 year old is only slightly taller than his 9.5 year old sister.

Here’s the best picture I could find with actual butts in seats. It will be relative to the size of the 12yo, of course. The description says up to 100lbs. Most 12yo are bigger than that, but not all.

I think these are too small for anyone over 2. I found pics on Amazon of cats using the small size.

The only complaint I have about the chairs is that if the kid is small, like my 2 year old son, it’s hard to get in the chair.

If they put their but on the front edge and try to scoot back, it tips over to the front. Always a concern for us in front of the campfire.