Lucky Park

This is one meowerific shirt!

Yay! I was hoping this shirt would make it!

YAY! Robbie wins with Luck Cat!! You are definitely lucky, sir! Congrats.

colors pop off the blue, very propaganda posterish, and chock full of details…memorable.

Most colorful woot shirt. EVER.

What do the Chinese characters say?

The pastel colors make this shirt very wearable around my Chinese in-laws during Easter.

Look underneath the art…

They’re not Chinese, they’re Japanese.

Lovely, and would pair beautifully with the sake over on wine.woot tonight. (If I had money right now)

幸運の公園 is “good luck park” but what does the top say?

well, good luck SOMETHING

I don’t know the full translation of the text, but I’m pretty sure the last two characters at the top have something to do with “Pray for Japan”.

Well, no, because it’s Japanese. You can tell by the curved lines of the characters and the fact that it’s not actually understandable as Chinese. It can get a little confusing at times for people not familiar with the characters, since Japanese borrows some words from Chinese.

It’s Japanese. I’m going to guess since its the same characters as the bottom part that says “Good luck park” that the top is something to do with luck as well.

Google translate says “lucky break” at the top. Link to Google translate. I think that might be a really literal translation. The first part is “luck” the verb can be translated to “break”… the person below this comment seems more correct.

LOL yeah the spaces I included on mine give a different meaning so this is what Google says without breaks:“Good Luck.”

It’s Japanese. The cat is maneki neko, the “dolls” are daruma, and the statues are the Shichifukujin (<-heh, funny Woot. Won’t let me post the name! Search Seven Lucky Gods…) All are symbols of fortune.

“幸運を祈る!” (kouun wo inoru) Means good luck (literally “wishing for good luck”).
“幸運 越えん” (kouun koen) means good luck park.

/Japanese major

This shirt reminds me of the “Unko” (the ship that brings luck) from Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

幸運を祈る! (Kouun o inoru)
Praying for good luck!

幸運公園 (Kouun kouen)
Good Luck Park

The cat is, of course, a Maneki Neko.

The 7 little guys are the Seven Lucky Gods/Seven Gods of Fortune.

And the dolls are daruma.

A neko win:D!

Congrats rglee!