Lucky Stars

How sad for the brontosaur to be the only one who sees it coming. Knowledge is truly not the road to happiness…

Too bad it’s not the Mushroom Kingdom; those dinosaurs would be invincible.

the more you know


Hometown:Clackamas, OR
/End Quote

Is it me or does it feel like the weekend crew at woot have a more “laid back” approach to everything?

that looks like one hungry star…#1 killing machine.

It reminds me of The Land Before Time characters for some reason.

I was wondering about that too…

Congrats Fable!

LOL “laid back”…read “lazy”…

but it’s missing Ducky. :<

Looks like maternal instincts kicking in… never get between a mother and her babies. Apparently unlike hell, the heavens do have fury like a woman scorned.

I wonder if the dinosaurs will be magically delicious…

In for one, congrats Fable!

Reminds me a LOT of “Unprepared,” a shirt I already have.

The star-shaped leaves were tired of getting chomped on, so they called up their thug cousins to get some revenge…

Uhm… whoops?

The brontosaurus makes me laugh.

don’t eat that, stegosaurus! it’ll go straight to your thighs!

“I hear starlight gives you cancer…but what doesn’t these days?”

Can anyone find a bigger version of the image file? I really want to see the facial expressions of some of the stars.

Looks like a Super Star that had enough of Mario’s bullshit and decided to take it out on the Earth by starting the Ice Age.