Lucky Stars

Reminds me the Carl’s Jr. logo.

Grins What did I tell you, Fable, hmm? :smiley:

Here you go. Nice and big to see the expressions. :slight_smile:

Yeah, my first thought was of ‘Unprepared,’ too! This one is a little more WHAM!! with the incoming disaster, whereas Unprepared is more subtle. My preschooler regularly wears Unprepared to preschool and neither he nor his friends understand why us grown-ups giggle at the dinos on his shirt.

Thank you!

This shirt really reminds me of recent news.

“On March 4, 2010, a panel of 41 scientists agreed that the Chicxulub asteroid impact triggered the mass extinction.”

Good to know what Chicxulub looks like thanks to this woot shirt!

HA HA HA, the happy stars as they fall is awesome. I’m in for one.

I really can’t get over how ugly the whole shirt is. Sorry.

this is new meaning to wishing upon a star…

Where is Kirby? I would think he would be on the big star.

I’ve been wondering how long it would be before I saw another Fablefire design. It seems like it’s been forever.

I have a feeling the kinders where I teach are going to pull a coup a la Disney’s Recess, and steal this shirt from me if I wear it to work.

Why isn’t the T-Rex chowing down on those pathetic herbivores?

I have some angry star shoes that will fit perfectly with this! I’m in for two!!


Sounds like a word I could expect to hear from the KKK.

haha awesome, I love the expression of the star. This will go perfectly with my other woot shirt “Unprepared”. Wear “Unprepared” in the morning and this one at night :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what…I just realized today is DST…

That means fablefire only gets 23 hours for the shirt to be on sale for $10 instead of 24 hours. Don’t you feel cheated now fable? Ah well, maybe it’ll sell out before then :wink:

The poor dinosaurs. :frowning:

I love this one but it might just be a little too sad. I’m still trying to find an ‘Unprepared’, sigh.


And you would have rather had the shirt that came in fourth? At least this one’s art :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys! if you’re in need of a link Woot. :wink:

…and yes they will be magically delicious.