Ludell Striking Tools

zombies meet your doom as I introduce you to my Ludell 50040 14-lb 60-in Heavy Duty Slate Bar !

Tamper is about $26 at my local HomeDepot… I couldn’t find it in Amazon… perfect timing for my patio project!

Found it it’s $35 at Amazon no reviews

2 things…

  1. The guy holding the pick in his short-sleeve hipster shirt is no Brawny man… he’s a pair of Buddy Holly glasses away from “I liked picks before they were cool bro”.

  2. Start building your Minecraft costumes people! … Halloween waits for NO man!

As someone who uses sticks with specialized heads to hit things regularly, stay the hell away from the polymer handled stuff. It’s not that the polymer handles are bad, its that the epoxy used to hold them onto the head rarely lasts past casual use. I couldn’t even get a cord of wood split with my last several poly mauls before the heads were irretrievably detached from the handle.

I just want to buy these things to make my UPS guy carry them.

which tool is best for demolishing the rotting tree stump in my yard?

a stump grinder works best

Woot - since you have your new tool site running, how about putting some data on your sales. FOr this one, where is it made, what kind of metal for the heads, etc etc. People who use tools like to know these things. I shouldn’t have to go surf the web to find this information and them come back here to buy.

the wooden handled axe comes closest to winning a decent description award.

warranty info?

WHen you were woot with just one site I would have let this all pass, now your not the small start up anymore and should be doing a better job with all this stuff you are selling.

Isn’t one year a kinda crappy warranty period for hand tools?

So glad I’m retired! Looking at these send a shudder up my spine.

Go to your local Tractor Supply or Lowes might even carry it but buy a bottle of their stump remover - not the chemical that just eats it away but the one that you drill holes into the stump then poor the liquid in - then light it up :slight_smile: Way more time efficient than using a tool. --CK

Would anyone be able to tell me where these tools are made?

Not that it really matters, but they should at least be called by their proper names-- the “pick” is actually a mattock, and the “landscape axe” is actually a pulaski.

I’ve passed your info on. Good feedback.

Are you seeing a sale missing the warranty info? I did a random check of them and they all showed 1 year warranty at the bottom of Features.

Also good feedback. Passed it on. Seems there were conflicting names on these and we chose the wrong ones.

  1. Probably the only guy in the Woot HQ wearing a checked shirt that day. Not exactly flannel weather here.

  2. I’ll turn my lights out on Halloween.

What’s the difference between a premium bit and a single bit axe?

yeah too expensive, hoping to take as much of it off as i can without paying 2000 bucks

that’s more like it! someone will call the cops on me though.