Ludell Striking Tools

One year is an appropriate warranty period for crappy hand tools.

As a cave tunneler enthusiast(And 5th best kite surfer this side of the Pacific), I guess you could say I’m fairly underground. Also, I fancy myself as more of a bearded Roy Orbison. From his earlier years of course.

I work with the factory on these products. These are all assembled in the US and come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. All the heads are forged steel.

Welcome! Thank you for popping in to answer questions.

Don’t buy a stump grinder… rent it. Less than $100 if you live close enough to the rental place to get it done in about a half day. But you’ll need another person to help you move it and a vehicle/trailer to haul it.

Thanks WOOT! Now I have an Axe to Grind!

So what you’re saying is that you already own the Buddy Holly glasses?

I have had the fiber glass handle pick / axe and it has lasted for ever doing heavy clearing work on the plantation.

Easiest way to get out of work at a job you did not like on the plantation…break the tool. I couldn’t break that tool much to dad’s pleasure.

It will get past down and/or specifically mentioned in the will.

Slightly confused, the Ludell 12250 3.5-lb 36-in Premuim (Premium?) Bit Fiberglass Axe states in the description that it has a 34" handle, and the Ludell 12235 3.5-lb 34-in Single Bit Fiberglass Axe states that it is a premium grade splitting maul, but the picture is of a chopping axe.

Has anyone ever tried shovelglove?

you asked which tool was best, I told you a stump grinder. You can rent one, buy one, steal one, or hire someone who will use one to get rid of that stump. After this, a backhoe/mini excavator works well. Other than this, anything else is simply not as efficient.

someone else put on the discussion about using chemicals and fire, I am not enthusiastic about putting potentially toxic chemicals into the ground around my home, and stump burning is very inefficient method of removing stumps. I have seen plenty of stumps on fire for days.

A chainsaw (you will ruin the chain) some thick chain, and a heavy duty pickup truck can also remove your stump. Very inefficient method though.

I used a shovel, my hands, and a few hours of good ol’ fashioned hard work to get my stump and roots out of the ground.

These picks are plenty sturdy. One of them was used to clear and level multiple cubic yards of heavy clay soil in my back yard. Too bad these weren’t on sale last year when I needed them.

Find a True Value or similar store, you might be able to rent a stump grinder.

If you mean “stump killer”, often the only ingredient listed will potassium nitrate, so it’s really just overpriced salt peter.

Hey now I get to share my dad’s favorite insult: “That guy’s so dumb, he’d steal a pick.”

Those are NOT the ONLY tools with mixed up & VERY messed up descriptions. The 60" slate bar for instance speaks of having a FIBERGLASS handle, and at the SAME TIME also speaks of it being drop forged steel.

The 2.5 lb pick begins with speaking of it being a ‘splitting maul’ & being able to ‘chop wood’.

Those are NOT the only ones like that either, there ARE several others too that I found. It’s not that the entire description is wrong in all of them, but many of them that don’t have TOTALLY wrong descriptions do happen to have anywhere from a single (yet very IMPORTANT) line to many lines of completely wrong, and incorrect information in them.

Comon’ woot. PLEASE get the descriptions fixed. ESPECIALLY since there is ONLY 10 hrs left in this particular offering of tools. Personally I would REALLY like to buy the 60 inch ‘slate bar’ (PRY BAR), but UNLESS I KNOW for SURE that it does NOT have a fiberglass handle as the description states (in-between the 2 prying & poking ends), where instead it should be solid metal, then I won’t be buying one.
Because there is also only a small, one shot picture in that listing, a person really cannot tell which it is either just by looking at it. We really NEED more accurate descriptions.
Thank you woot!

The few reviews I was able to find spoke of a company virtually impossible to get ahold of when/if warranty issues cropped up. Does a rep want to comment?

I wish they were selling something bigger than 10 lbs. I guess they are selling to little girls.

I’m still using the sledge hammer that someone threw through the huge plate glass window of my dad’s pharmacy during a night time break in.