Ludell Striking Tools

bought that tamper here a few months back for $18…

bought the axe a few months back, also less then $20 - but had to add some shims because the head was not attached properly to the shaft and kept slipping - eventually added wood shims and an old fashioned, triangular shaped nail and it stopped slipping off

A tip for people who didn’t buy in the last round that these ship in a box with absolutely no packing materials. Not that you don’t expect them to get beat up during use anyway.

That said, I used the pulaski axe as a pry bar for pulling up some 30 deckboards this summer and it worked like a charm. Very well-balanced and proportionally-sized for that kind of work. Way better than using a small handheld prybar or any other handtool.

The Fiberglass Handle Pulaski Axe.

Excellent back-up for those occasional zombie attacks.

We’ve improved the shipping process for these axes this time around-- both in terms of speed and quality of packing.

I bought that wedge locally here for about the same price. Mine broke off at the 2nd notched line from the point. Making it pretty much a 13$ paper weight.
I don’t recommend starting a split with one of these for that reason. It’s better to use one of the flat wedges and swap over. Yet honestly whats the point of working that much harder when you got a wedge started?
What it is good for is when the flat wedge gets buried and the knotty round still won’t give. I know mine isn’t branded but I don’t know how many forges would be pouring these in the world today. I think mine was made in India. (it’s outside and not going to go out looking in the dark) Sure looks like its’ twin though!

mine came with no box at all. the packing slip was shrink wrapped onto the handle.

Thank god YOU and not someone who would never check bought it. That sort of loose head can go all day chopping wood,then opps! The axe head kills one of your kids or wife! I was on the fence now I am out. Love tools that last and just need to be sharpened.

Good on you! As my Aussie friends say for catching the defect and fixing it.

Axe and pick handles are designed so the head falls down onto the hands, not flies off the end. At least all of the axes I’ve used are designed in that way.

$24.97 at Home Depot, with free shipping to the store.

Mine came unpacked, loose in a box.

It also took a very long time for it to be shipped, let alone to even get basic shipping information.

Interesting you feature a wedge, but no tool with a suitable striking face.

Careful with that axe Eugene!

don’t make me axe you twice.

Is that Gus?

“I’m gonna axe you a quession”

All rights and honors to Bill Cosby…

Axe away

okay, so don’t get mad, but…
…there have been some mistakes.

i know, i know. it sounds like a joke. i sure wish it was.

anyway, here’s what you need to know:
-there WERE spec/image discrepancies on some of the items.

-those issues have been corrected. if you look at the items now, all info is accurate.

-if you purchased one of the items affected by this buffoonery, you’ll receive an email with details about the issue and what we’re doing to fix it.

please, please, please don’t flog the messenger. i am only here to fix the phones.

Allow thy floggings, to COMMENCE!