Luggage, Kelty Style!

Kelty Ascender Bag Question

Does the $99.00 price include the bag and chassis??

Or just the bag??

I’m guessing that you’re talking about the Trunk Bag. In the features, it says:

Compatible with Ascender Frame/Chassis (not included)

Bought the 22 Ascender last time. Overall, a great, versatile bag. Can carry it on, or expand it and check it, then use it as a backpack to take to the beach. Rolls very smoothly. The only issue we had was a broken plastic clip (connects bag to frame) that was replaced no hassle from Kelty.

Raven is NOT black or even grey. It is definitely brown. Had to go to Kelty to return my purchase. Still trying to get woot to return my $.

Can somebody confirm that the Ascender 22 Expandable Carry-On Luggage, 40L - 70L comes with frame?

The carry-on is ~3.5 pounds heavier than the trunk bag, so it seems like the frame is included, but confirmation would be nice.


It is included in that set. Not the trunk though.