Lugz Men's Empire Lo WR, 3 Colors

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This is one of my favorite pairs of shoes of the last 10 years, and not just because Josh Koscheck was their athlete. Alas, I wear a size 18, and these only come in little man-child sizes. Booo :frowning:

is the centimeter measurement for the interior or exterior of the shoe? thank you.

The size charts from the Lugz site and the Woot specs are NOT the same. Having had one PITA experience with buying shoes/boots from Woot, until the sizing conflict is resolved, I’ll pass. And I’d really like a pair of these.

[MOD: Our chart has been updated to match.]

Inside. You measure your foot.

TT, can you check on the sizing specs? The two charts are half a CM off.

They’ve just updated our chart to match the LUGZ site. Sorry about that.