Luigi Bormioli Hand-Blown Glass Sets

**Item: **Luigi Bormioli Hand-Blown Glass Sets
Price: $12.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Check out these comments from when these were offered in April

These glasses, or save up for Google Glass. Decisions…

I have some of this brand from over a decade ago. Have no idea if they were hand-blown but most (except the ones handled extensively by the S.O.) are still intact.

Seems that ‘or’ should be ‘of’ in the intro. Hardly ever see goofs in Woot copy.

How anyone know how these are quality wise? I’m looking for durable, thick glass, that my clumsy self won’t break instantly.

Deal killed by $5 shipping on a $13 item

Unless you order several sets - either of the mixed glasses or several of the different styles - that could take care of the “clumsy” factor

I bought 7 sets. Have been shopping around and this seems like a good deal. I found a few reviews and they were all positive.

Am I being punked? The etching is rubbing off with my finger. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Lame sauce! You can always reach out to Woot Member Services to let them know what’s happening. Email them at, and be sure to include your user name and order number.

Here’s the problem I’m having.

Have you heard back from Woot Member Services yet?

Nope except for the automated response.

Sorry! Let me check to see what’s going on.

Update: I’m sitting here with vendor manager and the flutes. I’m rubbing like crazy and the lines aren’t coming off. So we’re stumped as to what’s happening with yours. Can you give us some more info? Where they sitting in the heat before you got home? Did you put them in the dishwasher?

We’ll talk to CS and get them to contact you.

Thank you. I’ve worked it out with woot service for a refund.

I’m happy to hear this was squared away for you!