Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Glassware

lead free AND eye-talian!

i’m a fan of those Pilsner glasses, actually.
i no longer need to use an empty Planter’s Nut Mix tin to hold my beer!

But the nut tin is classy!

Why are vacuums and glassware showing up here on the Woot! flagship channel when the Home! channel was created especially for, you know, products for the home like vacuums and glassware?

because tech! is busy selling hollow pieces of wood and cowbells

bummer, I was just about to buy the 14.5 oz glasses it literally changed as I was about to buy it

They should have put the whiskey stones over with the glasses to sell them faster. :slight_smile:

Also, wootbot needs to check grammar/spelling. Ow, my eyes and brain hurt after trying to read its post.

If money is no object, Overstock and Amazon both have those for $23.56 – not sure it’s worth twice the price, but if you are trying to fill-in a set… maybe?

I received the pilsner and dof glasses yesterday, and they’re fantastic. Strong, thin-walled, with nice heavy bases. Very good quality for the price.

I hope these come back for a future woot.

I am very disappointed with the Double Old Fashion glasses that I received. They were NOT lead-free blown crystal glass, but instead, a new proprietary material called “Sparks” that they described as “Ultra Clear and Durable Glass”.

Under normal circumstances, it is probably a non-issue for most consumers except for the visible flaws. I already own these glasses and picked up a set as replacements for the broken ones. They look almost identical, but they chime (when you tap on the glass) differently due to the different material used. I don’t know how the new material will hold up over time but mine are still clear with no cloudiness.

The flaws: One of the new glass has a bubble in it. Another one has a dimple on the rim of the glass. Very disappointed in the quality.

I’m sure Woot will not allow me to return these or exchange them for the original lead-free crystal glass version. Even if they do, return shipping will cost as much as a set of these glasses.

I also ordered the All Purpose Goblets. These are the original lead-free crystal glass version. Again, I already own these and new ones are replacements. The new ones also have a slightly different chime as well. At least these are supposed to be the same material as the ones that I already own. I just hope that it won’t turn cloudy over time.

Now I gotta go to the local stores and see if I can buy some extra back ups of the original version of these glasses before they completely change over to the new Sparkx versions.

Sorry for the long rant. I should probably send a complaint to the manufacturer.

I’m sorry about the problem with the DOF glasses. If you feel that you didn’t get the product described, please email for assistance.

Mine look pretty good - I wasn’t planning to open them right away, but after reading the comments above, I did , just to compare. The wine glass boxes were new, but the DOF box was a little old, like it had been returned. Both styles had Macy’s $19.99 stickers on them. There was some bubble wrap stuffed into one of the DOF glasses. But… everything inside was fine. Both are “sparkx” - the wine glass stems are “titanium” reinforced… not sure, but they may be more durable than the old ones (could be why they changed the formula - old reviews for the DOF critiqued their durability. Seems these will be ok for daily use, which is what I had in mind, and the DOFs are kind of stackable, which is handy. Neither are ‘fine’ crystal - didn’t expect them to be … but I can see how it might be disappointing if you are trying to match a set and the new ones are made differently. The wine glasses are much better than I’d anticipated, and they have a nice ‘ring’ to them when clinked (vs clunked). For about $3 apiece, I think they’re fine. Finally, since I occasionally complain about the careless way stuff is tossed into a shipping box unprotected, figured I might as well send out some kudos this time. These were double bubblewrapped and wedged tightly into the exterior carton – all perfect. Good job, Woot!

PS The Luigi Bormioli site says: Michelangelo Masterpiece drinkware is machine-blown in Parma, Italy and made in Luigi Bormioli’s proprietary SPARKX formula. A glass produced in SPARKX is ultraclear and break-resistant. The beautifully drawn stems are reinforced with titanium. Lead-free and dishwasher-safe. Online price there (with free shipping) is $27.

Ordered two sets of DOF glasses and in one set it had three of the DOF glasses and a different looking goblet glass about the same size as others. Also ordered two sets of 14.5 Oz glasses and one out of the eight had a crack in the base. Have purchased a lot of stuff on woot and first time I’ve been disappointed in purchase.

Please email us at and we’ll be glad to assist you with any concerns or issues regarding your order.

Woot Staff

Contacted Woot staff about problem glasses and its the easiest and fastest customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Thank you! You guys are awesome!

Been a little busy but I finally did contact Woot about my DOF glasses. Best customer service ever! You guys rock!