Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Glassware

The proper glass is important! Which of these are you stocking up on?

Was about to go in on the “Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo 12oz Double Old Fashioned - Set of 4” and it sold out as I was about to check out… Sad face.

These are great glasses. Dishwasher safe (if your top rack is tall enough… though I’ve washed the pilsner glasses on the bottom rack without any issues). Your Riedel-owning friends will laugh at you, but you can laugh at them as they try to dry out their glasses with a towel on a butter knife after washing them with only hot water omg or else they won’t work anymore.

I bought a few sets of these last month because the price was so good. I was a little surprised at how good the quality was when I unboxed them.

This is very nice glassware, and by no means as cheap as the price might suggest.

Me too. Happened last time this came up.

Noooo! I missed the old fashioned glasses again!

I ended up getting all but the Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo 12oz Double Old Fashioned, and Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo 16oz Gourmet Goblet. Would still really like to get the old fashioned though… Please get some more :smiley:

Darn it! I got it here late. I could have used the “Old Fashioned” glasses.

Woot - is there a reason I was charged tax on these in CA? I got the 16 oz. sorry if this has been asked before.

State of California just nailed Amazon, so I wouldn’t be surprised if whatever legislation that was affected woot too.

Crate and Barrel sells some glasses that look a LOT like the Double Old Fashioned glasses:
They have a 15 oz double and a 9oz single. The 15 is too big and the 9 is too small but just go with the 15 and make big drinks! I’ve purchased, broken, and replaced quite a few of these glasses over the last couple years, I like them a lot.

They arrived broken , now what do I do?

Hey there!
You should totally contact and be very, very careful.