Luigi Bormioli Wine or Flute 4pc Sets

Mighty lonely in here. :wah:


$40 on Amazon!!

All Purpose:

Red Wine:


And a whopping 2 reviews between the 3 product pages!!

Buy them now! And then go to wine.woot to buy some wine to put in these things! YAY!!

How’s that? Better?


Can’t really find any reviews out there but I am finding a price range of 27-39 so this is a nice deal.

Would love to buy a bunch of these (my new puppy just knocked over a tray with a number of “all purpose” type glasses, sigh), but mail gets seriously banged up on its way to me. I’m afraid they’ll get crushed!! Anyone know how they might be packaged?

I’d be in for two, but there is something wrong with the sizes shown in the specs. The 18 oz. model surely can’t be smaller than the 12 oz. model. Ma Amazon has it wrong too

Anyone happen to know if these are chip/break resistant like the Luigi Bormioli Crescendo line are?

I’ve owned the Crescendo glasses and they live up to their reputation of chip/break resistant.

Prior to purchasing them, my husband would break a wine glass at least every other month… The Crescendos have held up beautifully, but are a bit plain.

I’d love to have these if they share the same chip/break resistance properties.

According to their site, the 25-year warranty applies only to their Allegro, Crescendo, and Prestige (excluding Decanters) lines. Woot says these have a 90 day warranty.

Nothing says elegance like drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon from a wine glass. In for four.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I just measured the glasses and the 18oz is larger than the 12

They’re packaged by the manufacturer is all I can say. Maybe ship to work? Perhaps that delivery system is a bit nicer?

If they break in transit though, email and they’ll help you out.

I bought the Luigi Bormioli Crescendo 9oz cocktail glasses, and they are garbage. 1 arrived broken, and another broke as I was gently washing it for the first time (didn’t even knock it against anything). They are light and PRONE to breaking. I wouldn’t buy any other items from this brand again.

Sadly I received a box of bubble wrapped glass shards. These wine glasses didn’t make it through the shipping process. Very disappointed.

Egads. The ones we received as samples were bubble wrapped. We thought for sure they’d travel well.

I’m sorry for the problems Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.