Luis Orbital Zero Gravity Lounger

Saw advertised as patio furniture previously. What about for inside? Comfortable enough for a living room where a real recliner can’t fit? Or really only worth it in short stints or outdoors because of lack of padding?

Looks like these may be for outdoor. Anyone sure on this?

Got one of these in black last time, love it. Right now mine is still in the living room where I watched most of March Madness and the Stanely Cup playoffs from it.

does anyone know if these are capable of reclining? or are they fixed in one position?

The company name is RST Outdoor, and the picture on their website shows it outside by a pool

From the video, it appears the seat is affixed to the frame, and the whole thing rocks back to recline.

Like a giant, unstable, beetle-on-it’s-back rocking chair.

It looks fixed, and also looks like it’s pretty awkward to get into.

Comments from last time this chair was offered:

A similar product which you might even be able to test-drive:

Note: Similar, not identical, but they both feature the “zero-gravity” sitting position.

Bought two of these, both broke inside of 6 months. I weigh 180lbs.

This is poorly engineered, much of the weight is placed on bolts, the ones that attach the seat portion to the rings broke. Each time it broke off inside of the actual metal part of the seat so I couldn’t simply replace it.

If you’re willing to make modifications then go ahead, I’ve since found better chairs, equally priced. Also, cats like to lay underneath, might pinch a cat’s foot, tail, or break a neck if you arent paying attention.

In addition, its very easy to fall all the way backwards, and its basically guaranteed if you fall asleep in it. The wimpy little support at the back of the ring is hardly sufficient.

It is however, very comfortable.

I find myself craving carrot soup this entire week.


I bought this chair in black a few months ago. I bought it for indoors as a “reading chair.” It’s got to be one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever owned, and everyone who comes over says the same thing. It was well worth the money. I can see the appeal of having it for outdoor furniture, as well, but it’s absolutely great indoors (and I get to enjoy it year-round).

The chair is a rocker, but it has stops on the bottom to keep it from rocking back too far. Sitting in it feels like being cradled. Also, it comes almost put-together. An additional 10 minutes or so, and the chair is ready (there’s a video on youtube for people who hate to read directions).

P.S. I should probably mention I’m about 5’4" and of small-to-medium build. I don’t think a really tall person, or anyone over say, 225 pounds, would be as comfortable in this chair. I’m just guessing on the weight.

OK, give, where and by whom and a URL please.

Just got around to putting together the one I bought last time. It is incredibly comfortable…spent 30 minutes meditating looking up at the Milky Way south of Tucson at 2AM, saw 4 shooting stars. Amazing. Yes, it is awkward to get into (the instructions make a big point about it not being for the balance-challenged), but wonderrrrrful once you get there.

BTW, I dunno how Woot ships stuff for $5. I originally bought one last time (it cost more then) and had it shipped to my home in NY. Decided I wanted it at my wife’s place in AZ, and took it to USPS, FedEx and UPS…they all wanted like $80+ to do the ship! We eventually took it along when we drove down.

I’m 6’5" and 230 lbs. I can’t imagine what the level of your comfort must be to exceed to comfort I experience in these chairs. Taller people need not be concerned.

Last time some owners said they didn’t fold or otherwise travel, so we skipped them. This one says it folds down to 8" … so … should I be buying 3 of them for our bbq team? Can someone with better google-fu find a pic or diagram of it packed up?

I don’t think this would work with me… so I decided to check out the woot plus wood furniture. All (but one) sold out at 7:30am EST? that’s not cool

You haven’t been paying attention. The WootPlus isn’t a one day deal. That furniture has been out there for a long time. In fact it ends today at 9AM.