Luis Zero-Gravity Orbital Lounger

Do you know what it feels like to sit on a cloud? I don’t. But I’ll tell you one thing; this is as close as you’ll come at this price.


Damnit woot! If I didn’t blow all my money in this woot off I would have been in for one!

Why did I buy all that crap???

I’m so dazed I don’t even remember what I bought. For all I know I can afford this. In for one!

this thing looks like it would flip and knock me square on the chin while trying to get on. is this ok for use by people with clumsiness issues?

In 3-5 weeks you’ll have crap on your doorstep!

That’s my worry… that I’m not coordinated enough for this. LOL

I wanna leave my cats alone in an empty room with this thing.

I opened up 2 of my shipping confirmation emails, And didn’t remember buying either of them. I’m hiding the rest of them and enjoying the surprises as they come up on my doorstep.

150 dollars in shipping alone during this wootoff

I was pretty surprised last time when I received one of my neighbors woots.

Well I do like sitting and I do like zero gravity… Sounds good to me.

Why do I get the feeling the assembly of this is actually an $80 Yuppie aptitude test?

is there some superman plot on the horizon?

I have one of these chairs. It’s awesomely comfortable, and actually quite stable. It rocks like a hammock. I did manage to tip over backwards once when fooling around…

I want another one, but don’t think I have room on the deck.

Cheapest I’ve found this available elsewhere is $102.20, that’s before tax and shipping.
Think I could use this indoors? Think my cat’d like this? I don’t like sharing…maybe I’ll need two.

I have a fear of circles, should I buy one of these chairs?

Now you too can imprison the radical elements of society within the phantom zone!

It would be a fun challenge to lock one of these in a room with my kids and see what breaks first (kids or lounge chair).

Yeah - one of my neighbors keeps leaving bags of crap on my doorstep.

I would probably hurt myself trying to get OUT of this chair.