brilliant as always!


Really? Another Facebook reference? I am not amused, shirt.woot. Not amused.

Sorry to be like this but the title of the right up should be “Luke Skywalker and I”

I’m thinking that this tee should have been printed just before the 8-bit derby.

Also: For those purchasing tonight, hopefully the server is working properly because, as they say, “Do, or do not… there is no try.”

WOW! This like thing is so over-rated! it get anoying yes it a nice shirt but come on

Good job, writers! Took me a minute to get the “condition” joke. Me gusta.

c’mon woot, this is like the 19th nerd-catering shirt this month. when are ya gonna make some shirts that cater to us wedgie-giving lunch money-stealers?

I know there’s a reason, there’s always a reason… why so often on the derby do they say no star wars, yet here we have this? It’s a conundrum…

In a few years we’re going to see the long sleeve special edition of this shirt.

Write, not right.

I disagree with the woot writer’s comment about Mark Hamil’s career going downhill after Star Wars.

To me, his voice work for the Joker is still the definitive version of Batman’s arch nemisis.

I didn’t realize this until seeing a weapon added, but the Facebook hand looks a lot like a Lego hand.


Is there a Disluke button?

I haven’t laughed out loud at a woot shirt in the longest time…thank you…

"Luke… I am your father. Listen, son, your mother and I were wondering why you haven’t accepted our friend requests on Facebook yet.

"We’re trying to get in on this ‘cool’ ‘social network’ thing that everyone’s doing, you know? But here we are with fully armed and operational Facebook profiles, and we haven’t even been able to network with our own son! (hoooh… huhhh… hoooh… huhhh) cough

"Sorry, you know my asthma acts up sometimes when I get agitated. Anyhow, what’s the deal here, kiddo? You don’t think your ol’ dad and mom can keep up with the Internet age?

“Your lack of faith disturbs me.”

Hmmm… I’ve got an 8 year old named Luke. And he’s a big Star Wars fan. I feel obligated to get this shirt. It’s what a good mom would do, right?