Lull 3-Layer Memory Foam Mattress

Hi there, this is the Lull customer support. Yes, our bed frame is made by Lull. We’re currently selling two different options. We have both our metal bed frame and our wooden platform bed frame. Could you clarify which one you meant?

Hi there, this is the Lull customer support team. Yes, our mattress has crazy good reviews and this is how we can typically ship free to your door and allow you our 100 night risk free trial. With this rare flash sale it does prevent us from having our normal trial option.

Though it sounds like you’ve done your homework and are informed with our reviews and we would have to see you miss out on a sale this low.

It sounds like you’re really interested and in the market for a new mattress I’m really curious, do you know what you’re looking for in your next mattress? Are you trying to find something with more cushion or something with more support?

Did you seriously just respond to your own reply?

Hi there, this is the Lull customer support. Yes, our mattress will certainly work on an adjustable base. We always mention to keep in mind one thing called bridging which is if you’re adjusting the head and the foot of the bed at the same time the mattress may bounce up slightly away from the base. Once you put weight on it the mattress should lay flat again. Foam mattresses are generally one of the top choices for adjustable bases as they are extremely flexible and malleable so they work really well.

Have you already purchased a Lull?

Thank you. I do appreciate vendors coming in to answer questions here at Woot.

My day job is engineering, so numbers and technical specifications are the norm for me – and expected. My current mattress is a 3.1 p/cf memory foam over a 2.2 p/cf base (approximately 15# and 45# ILD, respectively) from well before the bed-in-the-box market. It’s not as supportive as when it was new over a decade ago, but it’s proven itself otherwise. If I know there’s a similar mattress that exists already, that saves me from having to trial-and-error for a new one.

This is woot; I know it’s a deal, but given the subjective nature of it all, I will probably end up visiting a local store instead.

Or maybe I’ll just build one.

The introduction makes it funny. Maybe there are multiple people on the “lullbed” handle?
Edit: Also note that the asker of the original question just joined today and apparently just to ask that question. Hmmmm. LOL

Yes, we often ask vendors to pop in to answer questions.