LumaWarm heated nightlight toilet seats

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LumaWarm heated nightlight toilet seats
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Almost Perfect Reviews on the Elongated One over at Home Depot

I always wondered how you wired these things up-- can’t see anything from the photos.

Looks to be similarly good reviews at Amazon.

This one is tempting.

According to the rather slender user manual on the Home Depot site, you simply plug it in to a three-pronged GFI outlet. No word on how long the cord is, and the illustrations don’t even show where on the toilet seat it comes from. Underneath, maybe?

The real downside here is that these emit cool blue light rather than a warm red glow.
If you wake up in the middle of the night, and you are exposed to the blue light, it is scientifically proven that it can make it harder to get back to sleep, and your quality of sleep can be hampered.

Check the customer photos at the home depot link, they show the cord

Here it is

Looking at the questions section of Amazon, one user reported it’s about three feet long.

*EDIT: Manual says 4 feet. Page 3.

Yeah, the English language part of that is the PDF I got from Home Depot. Still didn’t see anything in there about the length or location of the power cord, alas.

EDIT: Okay, I see the length is listed as four feet. Still no idea where it’s attached, though.

Why do you need light? Too see it more clear before flushing?


Not only it warms my butt, but makes taking a picture of my accomplishment even better!

Damn it! It was supposed to be have a warm red glow. Freakin’ Marketing winches must have changed my design!

DITTO! I just signed in to make that anti blue lite at night comment myself. It’s true.

I got a little vaporizer with a cute blue LED in it; can’t use it, keeps me up all night.

Tells the body: SUNLIGHT, WAKE UP!


under specifications in the manual, it states 1.2 meters or 4 feet

This deal just burns my butt!

Has anyone had one of those outlets installed near their toilet? How expensive is it? A washlet or similar product seems like a better value if you already have an outlet near by.

I have this seat - purchased it about a year ago at Home Depot. It is great indeed. Blue light is fine. I don’t think I would be able to approach a toilet that glows demonic RED in the middle of the night! The blue, however, is calm and inviting and doesn’t jar me wide awake at all.

I had the outlets installed near the bowls 3 years ago when we were remodeling the bathrooms, just in case we might want to get a washlet-type bidet in future. We still haven’t gotten the bidet for the master bathroom, but I did get this seat for the kids bathroom and it works great.

The difference with the washlet would be in the price, of course. For a heated washlet, expect to pay about $400 more. If all you are looking for is the heated seat, then LumaWarm is the product you need.