Lumen Bluetooth LEDs

anyone know if these lights will work/compatible with the HUE apps and bridge system?

What is “Lighting Strip 6"6"”?

Is that 2 6" strips or is that a typo for 6’6"?

Updated. It was just a typo for 6’6".

Huh, there’s no desktop or windows tablet app? I know I’m in the minority, but that’s disappointing.

They do not work with HUE, since HUE runs off a wifi base hub, these are strictly off bluetooth

thanks. Spent some time looking up the product and saw the samething. love my HUE lighting.

No, you’re not. If there’s no android app I’m not buying it either. They look perfect for something I want to do but I will never get an iPhone - so there you go.

There is an Android app. Check out the google play store. Search for “Tabu Lumen”. I was really excited for the sphere and maybe the light strip, but the reviews on the android app convinced me to walk away.

Anyone know how the led strip is powered? The video shows it can be used in the car…

Q: How many apps does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Let me get back to on that. I’m in beta.

You are not kidding about the reviews - they are downright appalling.

If you’re an Android user, you probably don’t want to waste your time with the Tabu lights based upon these reviews.

No brightness specs. Which means these are not suitable for general purpose lighting.

Shame, I want to get something like these for my home but I’m all windows so no app for phone, no app for tablet, no app for desktop which it seems renders them useless. Since they are Bluetooth instead of wifi, I can probably assume you can’t control them with a browser based app either. The strips would be nice to add under stair trim to provide night lighting for safety without needing to leave hallway lights on if they were zwave or something (configure motion sensor to auto turn them on at night)

I backed the Lumini when they were on Kickstarter. Good light but the app is buggy and not very intuitive to use. Connection are hit or miss thing.

Not to be used as a main lighting source but just an accent. There is no neutral white color, it defaults to the soft blue upon turning on.

The TL800 model has two sets of LED, one for the color mode, and another for the white light mode.

I’d say the white mode is about 400-500 lumens, the color LED is quite a bit dimmer.

The compact model TL100 only has one set of led and is just as dim is the big one in color mode. And its white mode isn’t that white either.

None of these numbers have been measured. They are eyeball measurement. And yes, I own one of each.

Also, everything they say about how slow the app is to connect to the bulbs is true. Nobody is used to wait for 10-20 secs before they are able to turn on or off the lights!