LuminAID PackLite Max Solar Lantern

LuminAID PackLite Max Solar Lantern

I have this model which I really like (it takes up less space when packed. It holds a charge for a long long time for those who forget let it re-charge/topoff every few months. Though it seems it was designed to be charged, put away and forgotten about, I’d recommend before every storm season (Florida), let it get a full day in the sun. It does put out some good light, enough for emergencies. and it floats (looks like a pillow when it’s fully deployed. I put some of these in my off site emergency storage locker and every time I take up the snowblower for the season, I set them out in the sun for a couple hours to top off. I also tied about 6 feet of Kevlar cord to each one so it just makes it easier to hang w/o looking for a way to do it. Overall, the product is a pretty good idea. The devices seem to be able to handle some abuse and the light is usable and lasts a long time.

Which model do you have? You’re link appears to go to your gMail (receipt? lol).

Here’s the one I have/had :

Ignore the price - I got it as part of an sporting goods themed crate shipment. I really loved the thing, but it finally gave up the ghost on me (after a few years of camping trips) when one of the seams gave out.

They really are great - lightweight and perfect for backpacking when you’re trying to minimize weight but want something to make camp feel more homey.

The USB charging on these is a neat feature, but I worry adds another thing that can fail or let water in. The solar only one was perfect for me. I’ll probably still buy two of these.

@deadlyapp please email and we will get you a new one