LuminAID PackLite Nova: Solar & USB Waterproof Lantern

LuminAID PackLite Nova: Solar & USB Waterproof Lantern

There is an upgraded version of this light that can also charge your phone! It can be found here in the Girl Scout store of all places for a wopping $50! I don’t know, I think if I am going to pull the trigger on this one I will go for the lower price one here on Woot!.

It would be like a religious experience, faith and hope triumphing over experience, if I order yet another solar chargeable lantern/power source. I’ve never had one last an entire summer.

So much disappointment in my past, like ex-wives scattered across the landscape.

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I bought these last time…very bright and they last a long time on one charge.

The solar charging does not charge fast enough, so I only charge w/ USB.

Buying more this time around.

Is it the regular white or the warm white?

I have had one from another seller for a couple of years, but without the USB port and phone charging capabilities. Great for a little illumination around the fire pit at night, floating in the pool, and for power outages. I’ve used it for hours without running out of power. When not in use I keep it on a window sill behind my kitchen sink because I always leave a light on there. This keeps it fully charged until I need to grab it. I think I will pick up a couple more for friends or maybe stocking stuffers.