Luminoodle - Portable LED Light Rope w Battery

Luminoodle - Portable LED Light Rope w Battery

Can you connect one light strip to another to make a continuous light line? Say two 10ft long light strips to make one 20ft one like Christmas lights?

I want to line my backyard with some crisscrossing lights but I’d like to only need one power source.

Also, how long is the usb cord for the lights? I want to be able to use an outlet to plug the usb into but I need to make sure it will reach.

I wooted one of these about a year ago and it is great for camping. They can not be linked. This is not the product you want for stringing your back yard. There are better cheaper solutions for that. Search for LED string lights. I got a string of LED solar string lights for about $20.

Compared to the light-only option, the battery costs $11 for the 5’ version, but $17 for the 10’ version.

That doesn’t make much sense for the same battery.

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It might not be the same battery pack. I got a 10’ string and it had the one shown. Later I got a 5’ colored string, and the battery pack was a different type. The style shown is much better, and well worth the price. These lights are great, btw. I’ve got 3 strings and they go on all camping trips.