Luminoodle - Portable LED Light Rope w Battery

Luminoodle - Portable LED Light Rope w Battery

Hmm, mother ship, it’s 40 bucks, but you get 9 bucks off if you click the little coupon. So, for $32, you can get t his w/battery (they didn’t charge me tax…oops). So you can sell your soul (and flip off your state) and get it off momma ship or sleep well tonight and get it here. Life is full of choices. Got enough LED lights anyway but cool idea, but IMO, not worth it.

Two words: No battery

One word. WRONG. The $40 was w/battery, minus 9. Not to say they didn’t/won’t change the 9 bucks off. Just sayin… . 5footer runs 24.42 after 8 bucks off (again, no tax). And thats w/battery. :wink:


Um, Honey? Are you about done writing yet? What does that “in the middle of God-forsaken wilderness mean”?

Weird, I’m not seeing that in the dropdown on Amazon:


On the 5’ with battery, we’re cheaper.

Sold out. Only 10 footers (without battery) are left now. $27.49 but 20% off at checkout.

It’s been 8 days. Of course they are selling out, they’re supposed to sell out.

That was for the ones on the Mothership. But thanks for showing up. Did you bring more ICE? :kissing_heart:

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