Luminoodle Pro LED Bias Lighting for TVs

Luminoodle Pro LED Bias Lighting for TVs

I’m not completely sold on these. How much does it actually make a difference?

I am wrong or is the below link to Amazon the same thing for cheaper?

I don’t have this exact brand but I purchased something nearly identical from Amazon. They work fine, look cool, but there are two issues I’ve experienced.

  1. The adhesive does not tolerate much heat and fails pretty easily. My TV is inset into a wall so there’s not much ventilation. The amount of heat the TV generates is evidently enough to cause the adhesive to fail, as the strips keep peeling and falling off at a couple spots. I’ve given up on trying to get them to stick.

  2. If powering via USB, certain colors and brightnesses may draw too much current. I tried setting mine to a dark purple at max brightness, and I’d keep getting an error on my screen about the USB port drawing too much current. I had to switch to a lighter color at a lesser brightness. Obviously this would be a non-issue if I used an electrical outlet to power them, but then they wouldn’t turn on/off automatically with my TV.

They’re certainly easy to install and look pretty cool, and they can also be had for considerably cheaper than than this offering.

The one you linked isn’t the “Pro” model that has the 6500K True White light. That’s this one:

Is that all it is though? It looks cool? Does it add that much to the experience? Does it really lower eye strain? Does having a static light behind the screen even matter?

Gizmodo posted this which looks cool.

Adaptive lighting with Hue Lights that changes with the picture on the screen. I’d imagine that this would be “ultimate” experience for ambient light but would also be a considerable expense.

Either way, Woot sold out of the XXL that I would need for my 70" TV so it’s not like I’m pulling the trigger on this right now.

I use a similar LED strip on the back of one of my TVs. It works just fine. No problem with it falling off. No problem with it drawing too much power. I have a Vizio TV that evidently provides enough power for any color and brightness level. It does not, however, turn off the USB port when the TV powers off, so I have to use the LED’s remote to power it on/off. No biggie. It really does make a big difference in comfort when watching the TV at night.

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So, I am the buyer for this particular product, so take what I’m saying with a grain (or a rock) of salt. BUT I do happen to own one of the white versions of this product, and it’s been really great. I like to watch movies in a darkened room, and the bias light really helps with eye strain in a darker room. It also provides a little constant ambient light to help with things like grabbing a snack or wrangling a pet or whatever, without causing any glare on the screen.

I have had mine on my TV for about two years now and have not had any issue with it falling off or becoming un-stuck. It’s been through two moves and multiple TV placements just fine.

The negative side is that the light (at least the one I have) is always on when the TV is on - you have to unplug it from the USB port to turn it off. This hasn’t been a problem for me, but I could see it annoying some people.


Thanks for the input, even if it’s BIASED :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, I’m interested in something like this. I just bought a used 70" and I think the fatigue is starting. I’m wondering if this would be helpful. May have to do some more research and get one next round when there’s (hopefully) more XXL’s.

I just installed the cheap version of this. I like it a lot. It’s one of the few unnecessary add-on gadgets that my wife also likes and commented on.

I really didn’t want the more expensive one. Yet another remote control? Having to choose a color? No thanks.

FYI, at first, I thought it was not going to work with my Vizio TV, because the USB was always on. After a hunt, I found a separate setting for USB power hidden in an unexpected TV menu. It’s not the “quick start” vs “eco” setting, but it’s there. Now the light goes on and off instantly with the TV. Points!

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Bought two of these total now. The first I bought from woot, the second I bought directly from the company because woot didn’t have them on sale (seriously, woot really is missing out on a lot of my money) and I was able to get the pure lights (I honestly don’t care the amount of lumens or whatever the bulbs are) with a usb dimmer which they have greatly improved on according to the amazon comments.

They are very very good, the adhesive is amazing. My parents love how vibrant the contrast looks (transitions from light to dark scenes were rather annoying to watch on the TV previously). My newest TV I bought them because I noticed that the transition from lit scenes to pitch black made several movies, TV shows and videos really annoying to watch.

I typically leave this on the regular set value but this LED backlight makes a huge difference, especially if you have white walls.

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My parents will not stop talking about how easy it is to use the TV now. They have shown most of their friends this as well too. My dad is very happy with it even though he didn’t install it (they have my old TV as I upgraded this year).

I know that sounds very infomercially, but my dad likes to tell me about the LEDs even though I was the one that installed them, lol.

Get the dimmer. It’s fairly cheap, I think it cost me about 7-8 dollars.

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Ours came in and we absolutely LOVE it