Luminoodle USB-Powered LED Bias Lighting

I bought this the last time it was offered. I’m really liking it. It offers enough light to be able to see around a room, without creating glare on the television screen.

Bought this from Woot’s parent company. Like the ambiance it creates. USB on the back of my particular TV is hot whether the TV is on or off. So I have to unplug the light strip from USB to turn Luminoodle off which isn’t a bother to me. If it’s a problem for you, you may want to check your TV before purchasing.

can these be cut to fit smaller screens?

Looks like the description says you can trim it every two inches to fit smaller TVs. So it should work.

I have a 4k flat screen but no usb.

Why not get a USB extension cable and plug it all into one of the wallwart usb phone chargers?

I just received mine today. I ordered a large one for my 55" TV. I have to say it looks really good.

To answer a some questions:

  1. It can be cut to length. Every few inches there is a seam where it is safe to cut with scissors.

  2. It does not appear to be able to be powered by USB 3. (unless my TV’s USB 3 port does not provide power which is unlikely).

  3. It does work with USB 2 ports.

  4. With some TV’s the USB ports are always providing power even with the TV turned off, this means that the lights will always be on.

One note on number 4. I have a Sony Bravia TV. When I turned off the TV the lights stayed on so I figured that it always had power going to the USB ports. But after about 15 minutes of the TV being off the lights went off, so there must be some sort of 15 minute delay before it cuts power.

  1. The large one was only long enough to go around 3/4 of the TV, but it still looks fine.

6 It does not provide enough light to light up a room, but it makes a very good accent to a room.

  1. It does seem to prevent eye fatigue from watching the TV in a dark room.

All in all I would recommend these.