Luminoodle USB-Powered LED Bias Lighting

Luminoodle USB-Powered LED Bias Lighting

This adds around 25 frames per second while gaming and increases your ability to slay the opposite sex on tinder.


The “2 meter / 3.3 ft” version should be labeled “1 meter”.


It also reduces your ping time by .2 milliseconds and increases your swipe speed by a factor of 69

XXL already sold out!:slightly_frowning_face:

If you want to put these around a TV you may want to make sure that your TV USB ports aren’t hot all the time. On my Sony they are on even when the TV is turned off.

The full RGB version (1 meter) is available at 5 Below for $5.

Also make sure that your TV puts out 1A on the USB ports. Some of them are for USB sticks/firmware updates only, and max out at ~.5A.

Can you daisy chain these together? I don’t see the far end, so I have no idea if there’s a female USB port on that side. Thanks!

Looked in Amazon Q&A. Can’t daisy chain.

ugh I need size conversions.

Can you put two together for a 75" since xxl is already sold out?

No, I looked that up earlier (see above). They can’t be strung together.

I had the same issue with a usb-powered cabinet fan. It was always on even when the TV was off. Fortunately, I found a USB port on a device in the cabinet to use.