Lummi Island Wild Albacore

Lummi Island Wild Albacore

$60 for eight cans of tuna? You realize " so long, and thanks for all the fish " was just a book, right?


Maybe it’s supposed to read Albatross meat? That might explain the price…


At $60 for 8 cans of tuna, you’re at $7.50/can. For tuna. Really? For tuna?

At 6 ounces/can, that’s $1.25/ounce. Again, I repeat, for tuna.

That’s more than it costs at the excellent local sea-side sushi restaurant where I get fresh bluefin sashimi that melts in the mouth. This stuff has been cut up and sitting in a can for who knows how long.


Maybe they test them for drugs and that drives the cost up…? As long as they aren’t on the same shit as the salmon…

My grocery store doesnt even have any canned tuna. And the one that they had 3 weeks ago was packed in oil. This appears to have neither oil nor water in the can. Just tuna.

This sashimi-grade young tuna is individually caught with single hook lines and is flash frozen solid at sea right after it is caught, making it a sustainable canned tuna, as well as a tasty one! Averaging up to 50% less mercury than many common store brands, this tuna has more omega 3 fatty acids than most salmon!


This is $10 a can on other sites

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That’s too much tuna!

Hahaha. Gourmet Tuna.
I’ll go out to the sushi restaurant for that thank you.

Use all the reasoning You want but IT"S STILL TUNA. Worth Waaaay less than this. But then again this whole section is that way. It’s one area on Woot that needs to go the way of the DoDo.


$7.50 per can for tuna fish? At least try to do a better job to justify that price. Call it “Limited Edition” tuna; or, maybe number the cans like 1 of 500. No matter what, I bet this stuff will still tastes like tuna after its mixed with mayo and slapped on toasted bread. Nothing special, I’ll give it a pass.

And look at the sales, just to show there is people that will buy this? You would think they would not let people in mental ward to shop online…LOL.
Heck, I’ll take a case and then I’ll make my escape.

Maybe it’s from this tuna.

I actually buy tuna that’s about this price per can (but I wait for sales to bring it down). It does taste way better than the cheap stuff, but you have to think of what you are going to do with it. Tuna for a salad or a dominant flavor in a sandwich? Expensive stuff makes a difference. Tuna noodle casserole? Use the cheap stuff, no one cares.

If this is like the stuff I get, it’s a slab of tuna, not just chunks or shreds. Barely need to drain any liquid that came out of the tuna when it was cooking in the can.

Basically +1 on what shintojuunana said. I’d just add that this type of tuna can also be tossed straight into a pasta sauce. Yes, you could get raw tuna at Costco for less, but it’s lesser quality, far less convenient and certainly has a shorter shelf life. These are largish cans so per ounce you’re getting about a 33% discount to what you’d pay for the equivalent product from Europe. In for three.

My second statement. Guess I’m just to poor to buy this. I would like to try it. I’m a guy that can sit down and eat the tuna right out of the can.

This is sashimi-grade young tuna, so you wouldn’t need to AND you would avoid the dude who puts his corona virus mitts allover your tuna.

Other sites sell it by the can for ten bucks

It’s ten bucks a can on other sites so not 33%