Luna Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot (6)

Luna Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot 6-Pack
$84.99 $174.00 51% off List Price
2013 Luna Vineyards Merlot, Napa Valley

No comments on this one?

This is a great get. Very good napa house. Super solid wines. IMO.

I bought a couple of these (same vintage) from Last Bottle a year ago for $13 each. Gave one to my SIL, still sitting on the other one. CT notes are lukewarm. Don’t think I am going to be in a position to “take one for the team” today but I will text my SIL to see if she drank it and what she thought of it.

EDIT: She didn’t drink it yet.

OK, I’ve just done the Mod’s work, just post it up there: chipgreen relates, buying this is a family affair.

Ha! He bought it but didn’t have any notes.

:slight_smile: Oh, you noticed that, did you?

Uh-huh. :tongue:

always good to have you around TT.

Now, if we could only get those filters cooking again.

I believe that comes under the heading of “Be careful what you wish for.” :wink:

So few filtered phrases are hit these days. Had to remove the weird ones because new customers didn’t understand them.