Luna Voyager Alarm Clock w/ Dock

49.45 new with really good reviews. Looks like I’m in for one!

“Dock Adapters” in box…

Will any of them fit iPhones or iPods in protective cases, or will the cases have to be removed to dock?

This is the main reason I’ve never bought a dock of any kind for my 4g… it stays in it’s Otterbox - so totally not worth removing it just to dock it.

Will it actually play music from an iPod or does it just hijack the clock capabilities?

Got one of these brand new on Amazon a while back. Have to change the time on it weekly because the clock is too fast. Always ends up 7-8 minutes ahead of time. Which is NOT what you want for an alarm clock.

Doesn’t the clock reset every time you plug your iPhone into it?

I took a look around amazon and newegg and the reviews seem to point to the fact that this dock is not fully compatible with the new (4th gen) iPhones and iPod Touches. I could be mistaken, but I felt it prevalent to warn people

  1. I’ve read a review that this system only recognizes one alarm from Ipods or Iphones. How does that work if I have set three alarms on my Iphone? Does it just choose the very top one?
  2. Does the alarm beep, or can I choose my song?
  3. If the alarm doesn’t beep: Can I choose multiple songs to play in the morning when the alarm goes off, or does it just repeat one?
  4. When I sleep, I’m very light sensitive, yet I’d like to see the time when I wake up. I’ve read from reviews that the brightness setting can change (even automatically), but is there a way to not have the display on, and when the alarm rings, the display will turn on? If so, can you please explain it?

Standard alarm clocks with a display this large run about the same price. And that’s without being able to charge your iPhone. Good deal!

I have one. Quick pros/cons.


  • Charges iPhone
  • I don’t have to take off my particular case (reasonable clearance)
  • Will play a playlist named “luna” as alarm music
  • Controls music
  • Looks cool
  • Sets time from iPhone (but its internal clock is super inaccurate… weird)


  • poor speaker quality (louder, but almost the same as iPhone)
  • bright (even on lowest setting it lights up our room)

On the whole, you get what you pay for. It was a valiant effort, but falls short of being the truly sleek iPhone alarm clock it portents to be.

It does not tie in with the iPhone’s alarm system. It has its own independet dual alarm system that will trigger either a buzz or start playing the “luna” playlist. If you set your iPhone’s alarm, the alarm sound will play through the iPhone’s speaker independent of the clock. I actually use the iPhone’s alarm rather than the clock’s. Mainly, it is a charger for me.

It will play a playlist titled “Luna” by default that you set up in iTunes like any other playlist and load up on your iDevice. If you choose a different playlist and start playing it - it will play that - whatever it is…

Menards is selling these for $19.99 also, so not a great deal. We bought 2, and returned them yesterday mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. while the brightness is adjustable, it is insanely bright on even the lowest setting. This left us with the display turned off, but I don’t want to have to fumble around in the middle of the night to find the alarm clock then find the knob to adjust the brightness just to see the time.
  2. neither of our iPhones fit the dock connector (even without an adaptor in place) and set in far enough to charge.

Also, be mindful this is the old version, there is a “II” that’s out and it includes an app and greater functionality.

I use the OtterBox Reflex case. Works well in that you can pull off the bottom half of the case to dock the phone. I work in manufacturing and aftermarket vehicle installations, and the Reflex has held up really really well.

I bought one of these about 4-5 months ago from Menards for about $20. I really like it. The price is right. It is a sleek low profile iPhone clock. The auto time setting from your phone feature is really cool. The power went out about a month ago and the time was 1200. I was like, how the heck to I set the time on this thing and then I put my phone on the thing to charge and instantly the time was pulled from the phone. I was laughing because I totally forgot about that feature. The alarm wakes to either a buzzer or from your phones music. The music I imagine is likely to be the last played song. This a great cheap clock. Almost worth just buying a few more from menards and placing them around your house for guests to charge there phones. The packaging was nice to. The box reminded me of the packaging of a router or something. Cheers!

Can someone clarify if the clock will work with a 3rd/4th gen iPod Touch even though the clock doesn’t have an inset specifically molded for them?

edit - I mean whether it’s compatible software-wise

The picture would be more convincing of the device’s claims if the clock read 3:43, like the time on the iPhone.

would this work with an IPod Classic?